Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Location:Naples, Campania, Italy
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Massimo has over 15 years experience in supervising all creative aspects of film production and CGI visualisation and is passionate in developing media concepts.

His wealth of knowledge in managing technical aspects on a variety of productions including corporate videos, TV commercials, short movies, documentary and real estate presentations ensures that movies are kept on their original creative track and productions stay on program and within budget.

Massimo artistic quality and ability to provide creative input to script writers, storyboard artist and Directors ensures add value and the successful delivery of the production. His ability to collaborate effectively enables Massimo to direct a team of diverse individuals in various professions and at every level.

His strong communication skills benefits the liaison between the studio and the film's creative and technical staff keeping the studio informed of the progress of filming.

Massimo ability to direct and manage the post production workflow (editing process, colour correction, sound design and voice-over recording, reviews the edited cut of the film) is invaluable in delivering a product beyond the clients’ expectation.

His in-depth knowledge of how to present film ideas, scripts, storyboards and budgets to clients will be a valuable asset for the marketing team in securing new projects.
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3D Graphic Design
Video Editing