Leah Perry

Freelance Painter & Digital Artist

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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By way of introduction;

I am currently seeking full or part-time employment opportunities, and I would be delighted to offer you the broad extent of my abilities. I am a highly motivated individual and a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art, majoring in painting and drawing, with a minor in photography and print media including extensive knowledge of silkscreen, etching, lithography and relief printing. I have additionally spent ample time pursuing practices in sculpture, ceramics, mold-making, wood and metal fabrication, and am comfortable working with textiles, plaster, resin, concrete and more. Incorporated into every one of these areas of fine art is an in-depth knowledge of digital design. In my studio practice I combine traditional art methods with an extensive knowledge of digital photographic and illustration programs and techniques, overlapping and redefining works continually within countless material processes.

My research skills in extracting information, palette and pattern from the resources presented in my environment are unmatched. Through both academic and independent artistic endeavors I have honed the disciplinary skills whose magnitude allows application to a broad spectrum of tasks. I am diligent and determined, keenly seeking excellence in every arena in which I am involved. Subsequently, my focus, pliability and cooperation skills have collectively intertwined in the formation of an advanced professional ethic. This has cohesively facilitated the emergence of pronounced interpersonal communication skills and elegant time management. I am most passionate in my desire to educate youth with the tools of creative expression. It is my long term professional plan to pursue a PhD in Art Psychotherapy, after I earn my Masters in Studio Arts.

I trust I will be a valuable asset and a positive contributor to your establishment. With a high level of detailed observation and personal dedication, I am able to project an amiable and courteous attitude while participating to add energy and inspiration to the environment. Given the opportunity, it would be a privilege to contribute these characteristics in a new and challenging setting. I would be thrilled to meet with you to discuss how my time and skills may relate to your needs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Leah Perry

Academic Achievement

GPA 3.4


Emily Carr University of Art and Design 2009-2012

University of British Columbia 2007-2009


Bachelor of Fine Arts 2012


International Baccalaureate Diploma 2006-2007


Honour Roll 2009-2010

Presidential Scholarship Award 2006-2007

Principal's List of Distinction 2005-2006

Honour Roll 2005-2006

Honour Roll 2004-2005

Work Experience

Assistant Manager, Server, Expediter, Barista: Truffles Fine Foods 2012

Illustrator/Designer: Creating t-shirt designs, posters, flyers, business cards and promotional material for local musicians and live performances 2009 -2012

Set Design: Creating props, and painting original artworks for live performance and video. 2010-2012

Server/Expediter: customer service, food preparation, Noodle Box 2007-2010

Digital Technician: Video editing, graphic design, general technical assistant, The Cave Music Studio 2004-2007

Detailer Clean-up crew, automobile finishing, Broco Glass Group 2007

Assistant Carpenter Clean-up, demolition, painting and framing, Summit Brooke Construction. 2005

Volunteer Work

Illustrator/Designer Creating advertisements, cover art and promotional material for local musicians 2009

Integral Development and Co-researcher for a major presentation on Care of the Gifted at the National Association for Gifted Children Annual Conference in Charlotte North Carolina. Involvement included helping collect phenomenological data, creating and preparing artwork illustrating key concepts and contributing original written material demonstrating critical theoretical perspectives. 2006-2007


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Digital Art