Werner van Rensburg

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Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Welcome to my world!

I simply love words and books! I am addicted to reading and learning and wrote my first "book" at the age of seven, when I put together a step-by-step guide for learning how to play tennis! I rewrote the 5-page booklet by hand twenty times and shared it with my friends at the tennis club and the coach.

Small beginnings but the development never stopped. I have been translating, editing, proofreading and authoring various documents, articles and manuals for private and state organisations, clubs, institutions, schools, publishers, technical universities and universities (mostly in South Africa) for the last 22 years.

I hold a BA Degree in Linguistics and am a qualified teacher. I qualified as a publisher and have been focusing on Curriculum Development and Learning Material Development for the last 12 years.

I have worked for publishers in South Africa such as McMillan, Lonman, Clever Books, Heinemann and others as editor, writer and publisher.

I have experience in the writing and editing of online learning material, having worked freelance for South African companies such as E-degree, Learnthingsafrica and as freelance reviewer for the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

I author educational manuals/study guides for English Literature and Language (both as First and as Foreign language) during the past 15 years for primary and secondary school level as well as post-school, adult learners.

I have developed and authored Learner Manuals, Facilitator Guides, Assessment Guides and supporting material/resources in the range of 147 South African NQF unit standard aligned modules during the last eight years – a considerable volume! My focus fields include self-development, management development and small business development.

I have developed training manuals for major SA training companies which took me on travels all over Africa, developing, training and managing training projects. My manuals have been used by companies in Zambia. Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo, Burkhino Faso, Mosambique, Tanzania and Nigeria.

I am currently acting as Director Curriculum Development for a South African NPO where I am responsible for the design, development and authoring of manuals and curriculum for a vast range of learning areas and levels.

I am considered fair, friendly and focussed by both my colleagues and clients. I have fostered valuable interpersonal relationships with my colleagues and clients in South Africa and Africa and am often asked for by name.

I am trustworthy, honest and consistent. I am proudly South African and a true believer in ubuntu - the spirit of sharing.

I anxiously await your requests for developing material.

Werner van Rensburg
Cell: +27792673838
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