Christopher Toney (xxxopher)

Freelance Audio Producer & Radio Producer

Location:Fairborn/Dayton, Ohio, United States
Phone: (513) 673-5281
2 Skills
Hello! My name is Chris Toney, known in the music realm as "xxxopher" (pronounced "christopher") and I have a growing entertainment company known as Posh Vibe Entertainment. I am very seasoned at audio production and sound design. I have my own record label and we make all of our own single and album covers, write and produce all of our own songs, and put together our own web pages. I am working on my fourth studio album and my first "real" music video. I write/compose and produce pop, hop-hop, and R&B songs, commercial jingles, I come up with clever tag-lines for promos and ads, and anything that I don't do, I probably have experts that do. I have 3D animators around the world that do business with me and for me, and I have singers and musicians that have taken part in the major label music industry, including my partner Timmie A, who played lead guitar, bass guitar, and singing with Zapp and New Horizons on CBS and Columbia records and has written some his own songs as well. I have made many of my own album covers and single covers. If you'd like to see a little bit of what I'm about, check out my web page at and listen to my songs and check out my discography page.

The price that I charge depends on your needs, how far you want to take it, and what I'm involved with at the time. If you have needs that are unique from what I've listed, just ask me and we'll work something out. But here's some basic things to start off:

VIDEO and RADIO shows
Radio Sweepers/Promos - $35 (includes voice over, editing, and output to mp3 and CD-R)

RADIO SHOW and VIDEO SHOW opening themes are $50

For radio, I'll create the opener, One 60-second sweeper/commercial, and at least 5 different sweepers/production elements/commercial break elements for $100. For WWSU 106.9, I'll do it for $50. (WWSU trainees have to create their own promo for the training final exam.)
CD COVERS/DIGITAL ALBUM COVERS - $10 for just a basic background and stylized lettering. $25 for stylized lettering, a standard background, up to 2 clip art items, and 1 photo of your choice - and any combination thereof. For more in depth CD cover art, the price starts at $50 and goes up according to what you need.
MIXDOWNS: For previously recorded material - Up to 8 tracks - $25, 9 to 15 tracks - $50, 16 to 20 tracks - $80, more than 20 tracks - $100+ (prices will vary depending on the length of songs, complexity of the mixdown, etc. Just let me know what you've got and we'll work it out.)
RECORDING - $80 for two hours of recording time, includes cleaning up the audio and mixing it in a bit with the music. $80 covers the additional time of cleaning up and adding up to 3 effects to each track recorded. (set up time is free)
MUSIC PRODUCTION - If you need a pop, R&B, or hip-hop beat, it's $80. $150 for Premium Tracks (tracks with more variation and catchier melodies) and $300 for TRACK GEMS. (songs with lyrics and everything already written and laid out.)
Motion Picture Scores: I like to do ambient-ish and electronic style sound scores for horror, sci-fi, and action flicks. I'll look into other genres as well, just talk to me and let me know what you're looking for. I'll do the whole movie without a "theme" for $250. I'll do the whole movie and create the theme of the film for $500. (This is for up to 2.5 hours of footage.) To hear some of my video scoring work, check out these YouTube videos on my YouTube account: