Jamie Malek

Freelance Technical Writer & Proposal Writer

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
2 Skills
An experienced writer, I am involved from the first step to the last, and driven by quality and professionalism. My work ethic is instilled in me by my military experience, serving as an infantryman and later on in my career as a clerk (if you thought meeting a deadline for your boss was stressful, try it in the Army!).

Starting my career after the military I chose a trade, but couldn't satisfy my creative needs purely through hands-on craft. I have written proposals, procedures, and manuals for Industrial companies, as well as written content for websites associated with construction and manufacturing.

I have a natural skill at picking a subject, researching it, learning it, and applying it. This gives the opportunity to apply a fresh mind to a problem, and find a solution that perhaps others missed.

I have experience in recording and producing music and own recording equipment for those "in my spare time, I like to..." moments. Furthermore, I have skills in original Professional Logo/Brand design.

Currently, I am studying Grant Writing and am interested in the art, as I have a large amount of resources at my disposal.