Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Portrait Artist

Location:6603 Dogwood Road,Gwynn Oak, Maryland, United States
Phone: 443-985-7307
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Been drawing seens I was 10yrs old tell now still drawing its thing that I will ever won't give up doing tell I'm dead under in my grave. One thing that I learned from two people I will won't forget that tolt me when I was coming up as a little kid which is my grandmother&father is you don't use it you lose it. Now I live in a adultgrouphome working to which is landscping then also have my own binessnusses working from my home doing my artwork by designing T-Shrits artwork drawings of what people want me to draw for them, also washing cars, designing senter pieces & arntementes. T-Shrits $5.00,Artwork Pictures of people $10.00,SenterPeices & Arntementes $15-$20.00. I been doing things that are posable of doing the kind of artwork that I have been doing have been making me the best person that I have become I will always try to do the imposable, the Program ShuraInc have always wanted me to use my gift that god have me and to put it to good use. I thank them every much for what they have done for me. If any one from ShuraInc Program sees this thank you every much for letting me become a better person than I was in the past when I frist came to your program. Thank You & GodBless. The Company that I'm in they are letting me go to American Institute College of Arts, it off of 1201 South Sharp Street, hoping it will be suseful that it will make me a better and promise person to suse in life so that I can make graet vesion in my life. When I was growing up I haven't had the things that I had that I do now and came the person who I'm now being good, palite, respectful, joyful, and always happy in a good mood this person that now (me) is not who I was back before 30years of age, before I was 30 I had bad behavor it wasn't all like I'm now to this 30 year old man now (me).
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T-Shirt Design
Portrait Art