Medley of Photography

Freelance Magazine Photographer & Advertising Photographer

Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Phone: 317/828.7706
Website: http://www.medleyofphotography
2 Skills
I have been providing exceptional photographs for more than 25 years. I started, typically, as an assistant to an accomplished commercial food photographer. Since 1988, I have passionately photographed diverse subject matter in studio surroundings, ranging from small products such as high end jewelry and promotional products to large items such as civil war gatlin guns. My talents reach further than the studio. I prefer to take my talents on the road with location photography. whether it be travel, architecture wildlife/nature or motor sports, I am such a "problem solver" no task is too large.

Attention to detail, an artistic vision, and dedication to perfection keeps my images fresh and on target. I realize that quality in images is only a single aspect to photography. Customer service and being easy to work with are equally important. Communication and friendliness are top of my list of elements needed for repeat relationships. I strive and coach a "whatever it takes" attitude to my entire staff. We go the extra mile to gain your respect and your business. Always easy to work with and willing to provide the "extras" to set you at ease working with us.