Kendalle Alquwaie

Freelance Artist & Painter

Location:waterloo, Iowa, United States
2 Skills
I feel often times we don’t really see what is in the world around us, things we see every day become less special to us and we forget the beauty of life. My work is to focus on the beauty that we often times forget. I try to bring the special back to the mundane objects that become the focus of my work.

When I paint I try to forget what I know about the subject, to see it with new eyes brings new life back into the objects around me. A clothespin can be a beautiful mix of textures, shapes, and colors. Common fruits and vegetables have more colors and shapes than I ever knew once I focus on them for the subject of my paintings.

I tend to paint small works as I can focus on one small object and really see it, my goal is to capture the image before me. Currently I am painting one small painting almost every day. Creating art is a constant learning adventure and I feel that this project allows me to learn constantly and keep the passion of art in my life.
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