Chris Haines

Freelance Programmer & Database Designer

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
2 Skills

• I have worked with GPS navigation and mapping systems on board survey vessels, mining ships, a salvage barge and an Oil Rig as a Hydrographic Surveyor / programmer
o Sonardyne USBL Ranger and DFE
o NaviPac and NaviScan
• As Principal Surveyor acting as liaison between the Ship’s crew, Captain, First Mate, technical staff, Superintendant, Supervisors and Geologist, all from different countries with different cultures.
• Surveyor Trainer, Manual Developer and Problem Solver.
• Programming Software.
o Delphi, C++, PHP, JavaScript, VB, ACCESS and OPL.
• Set up and operated different Hydrographic Survey Equipment.
o Side Scan Sonar, Single Beam and Multi Beam Echo sounders, various Profilers, Scanners and Airguns.


• Software applications as a surveyor / programmer.
o Developed hand held industrial software for PSION in TURBO C and OPL.
o Mining maps and Technical drawings in AutoCAD and ArcView (GIS).
o Integrated various software and hardware systems into a Navigation package, CrawlMat.
? CrawlMat has RS232 connections as well as access to all the variables in a PLC system through a network DDE connection via Rockwell’s RSLINX, which I initiated and implemented.
? Integrated a USBL Sonardyne system into CrawlMat.
? RS232 input and output programming.
? Real time visual Anchor wire display.
o Implemented a Job card app. and security restricted area entrance log app. in Microsoft ACCESS VB.
o I co-created and operated the anchor mooring program, RigMat.
o I wrote Dive Pro to work out and log divers’ decompression times.
• I designed the information system for the formation of daily mining reports and creation of the daily mined area map.
o EXCEL, ArcView and AutoCAD.


Feb1995 – Nov 1998 3rd yr. (B.Sc. Information Systems and Operations Research) – University of South Africa (UNISA).


Offshore Surveyor / Office Administrator

Sept 2010 – Nov 2010 Working for Marine Data Consultants (MDC) Offshore Namibia and Onshore Cape Town using (QINSy and Sonardyne Ranger)

Internet Programmer

Aug 2008 – Aug 2010 Learning about developing websites using Google Maps, mySQL, PHP and JavaScript.

Online Hydrographic Surveyor

Jun 2008 – Aug 2008 Working as a consultant for Oceanfix on Lake Maracaibo doing a Hydrographic Survey on the Adam’s Arrow for PDVSA. (EIVA software - NaviPac and NaviScan)

Principal Surveyor

Jun 2004 - Apr 2008 Worked for SAMICOR Namibia. Designed, installed, operated and trained personnel in the onboard Navigation and Reporting systems (CrawlMat) (I have permission from the co-writer and original programmer, Nick Roux to bring the source code along with me to my next programming job. 20 years of development)


Aug 2003 – Feb 2004 Thailand, Nepal and India.

Anchor Handling Surveyor

May 2003 – Jul 2003 Worked for Clarius Computing. Designed, installed and operated the Navigational system used on the AD19 rig salvage job. (RigMat) This was an extremely responsible job dropping anchors around pipelines in the Persian Gulf.

Hydrographic Surveyor (Online Surveyor)

Feb 1999 – Apr 2003 Worked for Clarius Computing. Installed and operated the Navigational system used for many Hydrographic surveys off the West coast of Namibia (HydroMat).

Sep 2003 – Dec 2003 Worked for PsionNet programming hand held GPS software (OPL).

Mar 2000 – Mar 2000 Pipeline survey for Top Nav. contracted by Soekor (QINSy), off the South Coast of South Africa.

Jun 2001 – Jun 2001 Rig move for Top Nav. contracted by Soekor (QINSy). Off the South Coast of South Africa.


I am excited about the opportunity to develop and maintain your Software.
I am willing to learn and will do my best to meet your expectations. I have worked in
many different environments with various cultures and nationalities and have learned to
be flexible and adapt to the local way of doing things. Should you need any
clarifications, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be available for a skype interview
should you wish.

Skype Name: christopher.aaron.haines
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