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Eric Hurley

Freelance Animator & UX Designer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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Hello there! I'm a young and innovative multimedia producer capable of delivering finalized websites, promotional videos, and animations. I love to push the web browser to the limit and have been working in Flash since I was 11 years old. Now I'm moving into the open source space and continuing to produce innovative products. I also love video, with concert performances as my #1 favorite thing to capture and cut together. I can develop, design, and implement experiences on a wide array of platforms. Film and tech aren't very far apart when you work with me.

Resume -

Eric James Hurley
Technical and Artistic Media Production
3171 S Beverly Glen Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
(nine08) 75two-5596 - ericreator (at) gmail (dot) com

B.S. in Communication and Geography from University of Miami – 2011
Software Fluent in: After Effects, Premiere, HTML5, CSS, Pro Tools, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya, DVD Studio, Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro, Wordpress, Visual Basic, MS Office, Media Encoder, Mocha, Avid
Software Familiar with: Color, Nuke, Flash, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Illustrator, 3DS Max, C
Personal Hardware: AMD Phenom II X6 1065T six-core processor 2.9GHZ with 12GB DDR3 Ram

-= Recent Work =-
Visual Effects:
6 Shots George Staite Memoriam
8 Episodes of Pure Fix TV
10 Custom Compositions - Clout
3 BG Replace - Step Into the Sun
3 Screen Replace - Eyemagine
1 Future UI – Personal Project
5 Bumpers – SRT Media
10 Particle Systems and
1 Synthetic World - Immortal Combat
6 VFX - What is this?
40 Mins Music Visualization – Various

Motion Graphics:
3 Mins - Heineken E-Cycling
3 Mins - Skatespot
5 Titles – Fantom Mechanic
2 Mins - Charlie Lapson
10 Mins - Intern Sushi
20 Mins - Citydrinker
20 Mins - SRT Media
3 Mins - Water Shortage Spot
10 Titles - The Voice Doc.
1 Title – WVUM Vitamin Water Intvw

3 Feature Trailers – Eyemagine
3 Corporate Videos - Afaxys
5 Animations - Fantom Mechanic
10 Videos – RedCarpetTips
3 Videos - SRT Media
2 Min VFX Video -Immortal Combat
20 Min Documentary – The Voice
5 Showreels - Various
20 Live Music Performances - Various
5 Journalism Videos - Student
8 Music Videos – Various

Producer / Director:
Corporate Pharmaceutical Branding Videos for Afaxys.
Immortal Combat – Visual effect based fantasy action pilot.
The Heavy Pets Album Release Show – Multi-cam feature length concert.
3 Seasons of UTunes – Weekly half hour live music talent TV show.
The Voice Documentary – Non-commercial, student-run radio’s value in Miami culture.
10 Student short films and journalism projects.

Wrath of Cannes Advertising Competition 2011 – First Runner Up
One Blue Giraffe Viral Video Contest 2011 – First Place – Winner - Special Projects, Haiti for “Flow: Visions of Water in the World” Photography Workshop
NBS Video Comedy Program – Grand Prize for Off the Wire (Camera Operator 2009)
University Scholarship and Dean’s list 2008, 2009, 2010.
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UX Design