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Nathan Clair

Freelance Illustrator & Horror Artist

Location:Hertford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
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I have been working professionally within the creative industry for over 6 years now and have been a fanatical student of art and design since I can remember. Originally spending many hours in Red Wire (my friends graphics company) entering competitions, working for free and many years of working the day job of which usually consisted of admin and manual labour roles, eventually the amount of artwork commissions increased. I have spent a big portion the last 2 years working on freelance commissioned artwork for various companies such as; Wordsworth Editions (Book Publishers), Insomnia Music Management, Stageworks Gear, and Extreme Gamer (an online gaming ezine), affording me to finally leave various other forms of employment and  become a freelance artist full-time. The freedom in freelance work, a good reputation and the ability to work through the internet made my eventual trip through Asia and finally to New Zealand possible.
My latest commissions, over the last year or so have taken the form of Book Cover Illustrations, Album cover artwork, and various logo, and promotional artwork, in which i am very comfortable. However my roots are in comic art and I would love the challenge to further work in the areas of conceptual character design if the opportunity arose.

I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop as well as using a graphics tablet on either Apple Mac or PC,  it is my preferred method of working. In previous years I have taken part in a web design management course which covered basic animation when using Flash, as well as the basics in dreamweaver and web site creation. Working freelance also requires that I am in regular contact with clients and so it is necessary to have excellent communication and customer service ability, along with the skills of providing presentations, giving quotations invoicing, complying with tight deadlines and other business administration.

Attached is an address to my online portfolio, if you need me to add anything else please say. I hope to hear from you soon.

web site -

Tel - 0220724831

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Horror Art