Friends (1857)

John Mahomet

Freelance Comic Artist, Children's Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Georgia, United States
12 Skills
Worked with Disney, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera, other licensed characters.
Worked for over 35 years as t-shirt designer and over 50 years as a cartoonist.
I truly feel that as a cartoonist I try to have fun with my art. Today's "Dark Heroes" is getting a bit depressing. It's one thing to write and draw for supposed adults, but where did the fun in "the funnies" go? I do put adult content in many of my original works but try to mix it with enough goofiness to have fun with it. "Have Pun, Will Travel" reads the card of this man.
I'm also very fond of Whales and Dragons, quiet giants until provoked.
I'm over 70, a Vietnam war era veteran, am retired, and though my last name sounds Islamic, it's really Russian.
I'm constantly updating my portfolio here so keep checking it out. That's the Free part of freelance. The rest ya gotta pay for.