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Rebecca Blackwell

Freelance Digital Artist & Anime Artist

Location:East Sussex, United Kingdom
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I'm a digital artist with six years' experience with Photoshop. I am also proficient in Paint Tool SAI. Occasionally I'll also work in traditional media such as markers, watercolour and ink. My work can range from anime style to a more cartoonish one - I usually involve fantasy and sc-fi themes in my art but am also willing to tackle other subjects. My favourite part of the illustration process is creating characters and being able to tell their stories through my art.

I have experience in commercial logo and mascot design, game character design and covers for ebooks.

I am also willing to take on writing commissions for short stories and scenes.

I am primarily self-taught by I also have the following qualifications:
Sussex Downs College - Graphic Design/English Literature
Eastbourne Vocational College - Art and Design/Illustration
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Digital Art
Anime Art