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Evan Orsborn

Freelance Drawer & Comic Artist

Location:El Cajon, California, United States
Phone: (619)-933-7025
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My name is Evan and i love to draw! I have been drawing since I was little and continue to better myself and learn new tricks. I am currently a student at SDSU in San Diego, CA for a degree in applied design. I specialize in darker pieces and tattoo style art. But that does not limit what I am able to draw. Having drawn tattoos for the past several years, I have learned to adapt to be able to draw most anything. As an artist, i have gone through the last couple of years with a very important quote to me that id like to share with you, "I think as a child you're always coloring, doing crafts, and that is totally normal, it seems to be what you do as a kid. And i think what kinda the weird tragedy is that when you become an adult, you 'grow up' and lose that, you like stop creating, you stop involving yourself in the joy of coloring and creation n stuff.. and umm.... I just feel i was lucky enough to never lose that." So take a look through my portfolio and let me know if you like what you see and if you do, I am always available for hire :)

And for those of you who were wondering, I do have a resume, but its more of my general resume. I also didnt want to post it due to it containing personal information regarding my location, email, etc., but you can always contact me to ask for it if interested in hiring and to find out more info on my art background :) Have a creative day!
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