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Carl Rachel

Freelance Creative Writer & Editor

Location:Glen Gardner, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 908-537-2375
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I am the principal at Windship Publishing, a communications-publishing firm working directly with private clients on highly confidential and personal creative writing projects. These include books, ebooks, web content development, news/article/blog writing-editing, business and personal communications.

Windship Publishing provides comprehensive writing-editing services to clients who require strategic and creative communications guidance and mentoring. My career in media/public relations as a writer-editor and producer spans decades across both the private and public sectors.

My clients come to learn the value of having a writer/editor and communications coach aggressively explore their ideas and work with a stringent scale. One of my primary goals is to bring clients to an awareness that not only grammar-syntax should be weighed but also that the presentation of their ideas should offer readers and audiences a rhythmically pleasing and lucidly meaningful experience.

From the many clients for whom I write, edit, and mentor, I’ve developed a sixth sense when someone initially says they only want the spelling, or the grammar, or the idiomatic language checked. When I start in on their work, I see weak structure, wandering prose, and rather blurred destinations. For example, when a client asks me to assess their ideas for a written work, I “dig in” with a rigorous “read” on all necessary levels of their book or ebook, their letters, their web content, their script, even their songs (I’m also a professional songwriter/composer/producer). My reads are deep dives beyond the surface mechanics of grammar, spelling, tone. I get into their work’s DNA structure and logic. Ask me to write and edit and you get full-scope services at the levels you’ll find in the best NYC publishing houses.

A word about my writing, editing and rewriting: I do so strictly to strengthen the author's heartfelt emotion and convey it powerfully to the reader. When you work with me, your “voice” carries, but even more importantly, it resounds.

I also do video scripting, short-story writing, web content development, blogging, even Nostradamus quatrain-style gaming scripts. I believe the written word carries with it a thousand pictures. I strive to ensure that you choose the right word to ignite your audience so they see and feel what you present.

In my "other life," I'm a professional songwriter and publisher, both of which require the balance of creativity with accessibility. I use these different and powerful writing disciplines on every project. Together, they comprise an exacting skill set I apply to ensure that each work is the best it can be.

In addition to maintaining my publishing and private writing/editing business, I occasionally do feature writing and photography for area publications.

As a writer, I seek opportunities where “the right word” can make a positive difference, and occasions where I can offer my writing/editing skills to support understanding, tolerance and well being.

As a professional creative writer-editor-producer, I’ve worked at both corporate and bureau levels spanning the private and public sectors.

I have served as the Public Information Officer for a government agency, creating and producing media/public relations programming and all public information, including educational materials. The programs I created were a robust multimedia outreach to residential and business communities.

Prior experience includes 24 years with AT&T/Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs as a public relations project manager and writer/editor. Cited as an "intrapreneur," I was selected as one of the public relations project managers most capable of ensuring a successful launch for the new and independent company, Lucent Technologies. Across the span of corporate re-culturing, I worked a series of expanding assignments to help solidify the new company’s visions, communities and business strategies.

I founded AT&T’s compensation and benefits publication, produced business unit e-publications, a portfolio of corporate financial publications, executive speech writing, video/audio broadcasting and scriptwriting, desktop publishing and events planning.

As for career honors, I received a Gold Quill Award, an Employee Business Communications Award, an Apex Award, a Houston Film Festival Award and numerous other industry citations for writing and publications excellence.

My personal endeavors include professional music composition/songwriting. I am a published member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) both as a writer and an independent publisher, and currently working with leading agencies in Nashville, Tennessee, and Dallas, Texas, to release to major record labels selections from my original catalog. My songwriting consistently receives industry awards including citations from the International Song of the Year Competition and the American Song Festival.

I believe when you seek inspiration with an open mind, the words you choose and how you present them bring your ideas to life and your audiences to attention. Work with me and that is our collective destination.


— Montclair State University B.A. *** laude — Education; Music

Writer & Publisher Member of ASCAP—
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

International Song of the Year Competition—
Semi-Finalist, Writer of Distinction—Consecutive Years, Honorable Mention—Consecutive Years
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