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Katarina Kallova

Freelance Book Illustrator, Portrait Artist, & More

Location:Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
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Katarina studied Advertising and creative work at one of the best Art Colleges in Slovakia, where she successfully finished her A level. Her studies included graphics design, illustration, 3D modelling, advertising, studding art history and technology.
During her studies, she achieved all Academic aspects in learning about Art including
• still life drawing and painting,
• portrait drawing and painting,
• life figurative compositions,
• 3D modelling using different material,
• color theory,
• typography,
• calligraphy,
• graphic techniques,
• advertising
• using graphic programs such as Corel Draw
Katarina worked for a few months between 1997-1998 as a practitioner in Restoration. Her work included:
• agglutination of interior and exterior sculpting decoration,
• adaptive color shifting She progressed in using sculpting material such as mixing fillings with pigments, mixing colors for finishing of all conservation work.
Progressed in restoration technology through practical tasks.
Studied Subject- Teacher training in general education, single major
Qualification: “Mgr” (master) in:
• Didactics of Art Education,
• Theory of Fine Art
• History of Fine Arts
• Graduation these passed very well She studied at University to become Art Teacher.
She became professional in many different techniques such as Photography, Sculpting, Ceramics and many other Academic techniques and subjects.
Teacher training included all Primary, Secondary and College aged children