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Cate DeGrood

Freelance Journalistic Photographer & Photographer

Location:Nags Head, North Carolina, United States
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Catherine D. De Grood
901 Drew Ct.
Fayetteville, NC 28311
(910) 574-1014


Searching for contractual positions and opportunities as a Freelance Writer/Journalist/Photographer/Technical Writer/Editor with a prestigious publication or other organizations who may desire my abilities and services.


• 2008 to Present – Several articles, photos, and stories published in The Fayetteville Observer’s The Weekender Street Edition, highlighting nightlife and entertainment.
• 2008 to Present – Currently writing and have written several technical training courses and exams for major corporations – worldwide, to include Pratt & Whitney, Rocketdyne Corp., Fluor, General Dynamics, NASA, Sikorsky Aircraft, and United Technologies Corp.
• 2008 – Conducted research while acting as Archivist; collecting and organizing data, and held the position of Production Assistant during pre-production, production, and post-production phases while filming the Historical Documentary, Answering The Call: A compilation of events, both tragic and miraculous, which sent one military brigade from WWII through Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08, and left them the most highly decorated National Guard Aviation Brigade in our country’s history.
• 2008 – While holding the position of Production Manager, wrote a full 26-character Bio which was later to be used for an up and coming soap opera, and Managed and Directed an open forum talk show, based on inner-city youth with both positive and negative life issues, and handled all production schedule coordinating, as well as a multitude of other assignments at the Management level.

Desired Compensation

I am currently accepting assignments based on each piece submitted, for freelance work. For hourly work, or contract work, I’m suggesting reasonable compensation within the range of $22-36 per hour, depending on the project. Showing no signs of weakness in grammar, punctuation, spelling, editing, or composition, I can assure you that your work will be top notch and respected by all who read and view it, should you choose me to represent your organization with my skills. If interested in a meeting or appointment for possible hire, whether a permanent position, contract only or freelance basis, I can be reached at the above contact location. Please call or email to set up an appointment.

Note: I, Catherine D. De Grood, am willing and able to travel for short term and long term assignments, as well as interviews with no specific limits on location or conditions, provided that full travel compensation is accounted for, in the event that the destination is outside of reasonable driving range.

If requested, references and samples will be provided without delay.