Josef Burtwell

Freelance Writer & Salesperson

Location:Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a wide range of skills which includes skills in Photoshop, Quark and Indesign. During my time at university I had to work with a team of four to create a 90 page magazine in a month which included a range of articles. During this task I found my love for creative and persuasive writing because of this I obtained a 1st for the module.


Flat 3, Elizabeth House, 3 Landsdown Cresent, Cheltenham, GL50 2JY

Date of Birth: 22nd April 1986

Mobile: 07722223303 Driving Licence: Full 6 years

Email: Nationality: British

Key Skills:

• Confident, outgoing with excellent interpersonal skills.
• Extensive ICT skills and a broad knowledge of Microsoft Software and IT hardware, as well as other computer software, including Mac based.
• A fast learner and ability to quickly adapt to a variety of challenges.
• Excellent lateral thinking and problem solving skills.
• Very motivated person, once given a task, I will do my utmost to see it through till the end.


2006-2009 BA (Hons) Media, Communication and Culture and Sociology – 2.1.

University of Keele

Modules Included (amongst others): 20th Century Social Theory, Family Studies, Risk Society, Conspiracy, Culture, and Explanation, Research Methods; the course culminated with a dissertation. The researcher examined the social reasons why men play computer games.

Skills Developed: Independent project work developed my analytical thought and the ability to manage projects independently. Furthermore, knowledge gained from lectures and interactions with fellow students has improved my ability to hold discussions across a broad range of topics.

2002- 2005 A-Levels

Worcester Sixth Form

Media - C
Sociology - C
Business Studies - D
General Studies - D


Masters-Recruitment (Cheltenham) 2011

I have setup my own recruitment company from the ground up, this includes all sales information, the website with graphic and information as well as other aspects of the organisation. I believe that this is invaluable experience as you do not take anything for granted, everything I am doing if off my own back so I really have to use my drive and ambition to get everything organised and completed.

Meta-Morphose (Cheltenham) 2010-2011

I am employed as a BDE at this sales development organisation. My primary role entails business to business sales via cold calling to establish new business in regard to training and recruitment, as well as maintaining existing customer relations. I sort through around 100 CV’s a day, and place a select few on the bespoke database, where I then conduct telephone interviews with the candidates. On successful completion of the telephone interview, the candidates are invited to an assessment day, where I normally play the part of team leader. Another aspect of my role here is to research for roles, by utilising the existing database, as well as using online tools.

Carphone Warehouse (Cheltenham) 2008 – 2010

On my training for Carphone Warehouse, I obtained the highest test results in my class, and went on from there to become one of the best salesmen in the area, often earning the most margin in the local area, as well as being rated one of the highest for customer satisfaction in the area also. At Carphone Warehouse my main roles were breaking down the customer’s needs, and giving them one clear recommendation of what I felt they needed. This entailed problem solving, and overcoming any barriers. Part of my job involved dealing with customer complaints, and normally appeasing the customer, and this involved calling up many different companies.

Eclipse Media Ltd 2009

I was employed here as technical and design manager. I had many day to day duties, including organising and running their website, which had a unique back engine database on SQL and organising the filing structure for the automated DVD on demand system. I also liaised with different software engineers to put the automatic system together. At my time at Eclipse Media Ltd, I used my skills in Photoshop to design DVD cases for their titles, as well as my media skills when capturing, reformatting and editing video footage. As this was a start up business, there were a lot of tasks that had no set structures, so I was forced on a daily basis to think on my feet in order to get everything done. One of my main achievements at Eclipse Media Ltd was spearheading their sales operation on, which brought about most of their turnover.

Save the Children (Newcastle-Under-Lyme) 2007 – 2008

I volunteered here after my lectures at university at least 2 days a week; normally 3, where I generally helped to sort out the store. Usually I worked in the backroom sorting out the clothes with a few other people, as well as working in the front of the store on the till. Increasingly, I sorted out the stockroom. I was placed in charge of all the technical equipment that got donated, where I arranged with a local trader to give us some very good deals.

HB Modules (Cheltenham) 2003 – 2007

I worked in many areas of this subcontracting electronic engineering company, including as a part of a team on the shop floor working in the assembly areas for surface mount, PCB, and conventional boards, purchasing where I worked as part of a team, and also on my own. I updated the stock take into the computers once a year, as well as running stores on my own, or again as part of a team where we put the kits together for the workers on the shop floor to complete. When I was running stores, I was expected to take part in meetings as a representative of my specific department about how to improve the way the company runs. I was also put in charge of updating some of the company’s computer hardware, as well as many day to day jobs.

Lidl (Worcester) 2003 – 2004

Although I only worked part time, I worked a lot of hours, and my day to day tasks involved working as part of a team stacking the shelves, rotating the stock, working on the till, and general cleaning of the store. I also helped with the new store layout which was a night time affair.

Ye Olde Black Bear (Tewkesbury) 2001-2002

I worked as part of a team; my tasks involved being a Pot washer, Waiter and Glass Collector.

Alderman and Knight (Tewkesbury), 2001

I worked as a teacher’s assistant in a special needs school, helping to look after the children, encouraging them, supervising them, and caring for them.


-I have obtained half-colours at university for outstanding contributions in squash.

-I won an award for earning the most margin out of the three different Carphone Warehouse stores in Avon and Gwent.

-I have constantly been the highest ranked for customer satisfaction in the World Class Service scores at Carphone Warehouse. This is a questionnaire which is sent out to customers where they rate their service.

~Steve Ayres,, Eclipse Media Ltd, 07818673371, Charingworth Grange, Charingworth Grange, Chipping Campden, GL55 6XY.

~James Forrest,, 20 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1PA

~Noel Leonard,, Carphone Warehouse. 07590900975, 196 High St
Cheltenham, GL50 1EP.

~Ray McPhee,, HB Modules. 01242 230070. Manor Park Business Centre, Unit 1 Mackenzie Way, Swindon Village, Cheltenham, GL51 9TX.

~Audrey Smithson, Save The Children. 07870260662.
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