Brian Buckles

Freelance Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Phone: 480-235-8528
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Multifaceted artist with extensive 3D modeling experience. Technically apt with over ten years 3D knowledge. Very team-oriented and communicates well with artists and designers. Always contributes to a unified team performance to meet and enhance the director’s vision by prioritizing deadlines and meeting team goals while passionately and creatively devoting methods towards a more intelligent design and communication.


Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Illustrator


3D Modeling, UV Mapping, 3D Texturing, Training and Tutoring


Multimedia Designer / Grand Canyon University / Phoenix, Arizona / 11/2009 - current
Design and build animated 3D objects, Flash movies, and interactive simulations to enhance course curriculum and accommodate a variety of learning styles. Works closely with colleges and Curriculum Development to determine course enhancement needs.

Animation and Game Design Instructor / Collins College / Tempe, Arizona / 05/2004 – 02/2010
Quality delivery of assigned courses, including teaching, tutoring and lecturing. Have been trained to teach 2D and 3D Animation, Game Design and Game Art. Establish great initiative and always meeting project/class time frames. Taught over eighteen subjects in Animation, Game Design and Game Art Bachelor programs.

Civil Engineering Draftsmen / CMX Inc. / Gilbert, Arizona / 02/2003 - 02/2004
Assisted Civil Engineers with AutoCAD support and design drawings for multi-million dollar projects. Implemented and modified 3D CAD models in to existing design drawings. Translated detailed sketches from design concepts to engineering precision standards. Worked under deadline oriented timelines and project milestones.

Lead Civil Engineering Technician / RB Williams & Assoc. / Gilbert, Arizona / 02/2000 - 02/2001
Assisted Civil Engineers with AutoCAD drafter support. Implemented 3D CAD models and GIS data into the drawings of existing design plans. Translated detailed sketches from Civil Engineers design concepts to engineering precision standards. Trained and taught new team members with design, work flow standards and office procedures.

AutoCAD 3D Modeler/Technician / United States Air Force / Peterson AFB, Colorado / 02/1996 - 02/2000
Assisted Civil, Structural, and Electrical Engineers with AutoCAD support. Provided technical knowledge and support of engineering design services. Provided preliminary architectural renders, models and animations using 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Animation / 09/2001 - 10/2002
Collins College / Tempe, Arizona
3.7 GPA, Honor Graduate

Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications / 05/2000 - 09/2001
Collins College / Tempe, Arizona
3.8 GPA, Honor Graduate, Nominated Founders Award

Completion of Army Corps of Engineers Career Development Courses / 3/1996 - 7/1996
Air Force Training Command / Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


Modeler and FX Artist / Victory Angel Films / 9/2009 / Blood Moon Rising
3D modeler and FX animator using Maya and After Effects.

Game Character Modeler / Sony Online Entertainment / 3/2009 & 12/2009
Contracted to create a NPC character model for Sodium One on the Playstation 3.

Contract 3D Generalist / Intel / 3/2009 & 12/2009
Contracted to create a highly detailed 3D models and lighting setups using Maya.

3D Model published on DVD ROM as free Turbosquid models
Autodesk Maya 2009 The Modeling & Animation Handbook, Autodesk Maya 2009 Foundation,
Autodesk Maya 2010 Animation Handbook, Autodesk Maya 2010 Foundation
Autodesk Maya Press / 10/2008-2009

Contract 3D Character Designer and Modeler / Clear Vision Studios / 12/2007 - 1/2009
Contracted to create a highly detailed, animation ready 3D character used in a local advertisement TV commercial. Created virtual sets in Maya for compositing use.

Character Animator and Designer / Collins College / 6/2007 - 7/2007
Completed a 15 second 3D animation with lip sync for a Game Design TV commercial. Contacted by Collins College’s marketing department to work with their developer Dreamscape Studios, and complete a full 30 second broadcast commercial for national advertisement of Collins College’s Game Design program.

Comic book Color Artist for Paladin / 3/2007 - 5/2007
Assisted in the creation of a full 27 page comic book called Paladin Protector of the Universe.

3D Modeler, 3D Animator, Effects Artist / Club Jenna and ******* / 1/2007 - 12/2007
Provided numerous 3D models, animations and particle effects for use in DVD introductions. The content was created under contract for 4 DVD titles. Provided technical assistance in a production environment to streamline the rendering pipeline for 3D related multi-CPU render farm renderings.

Level Designer / / 2/2006 - 3/2006
Created a desert test level for a ¾ view racing game. Level was to be pre-rendered for real time racing simulation with sprite animations.

Character Rigger / Sunfire Studios / 10/2005 - 11/2005
Contracted to create low-poly game characters in Maya for the Unreal 3 engine.

Web Developer / Phoenix Rock for Life and Life United / 09/2004 - 03/2005
Volunteered to create a fully interactive flash website, dynamically driven by ActionScript. Created all identities, graphics, flyers, T-shirts and promotional materials. All material was for a non-profit organization that promoted pro-life.
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3D Graphic Design