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Aisare NoMon

Freelance Digital Artist & Drawer

Location:Southaven, Mississippi, United States
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Hi! I'm Derek Zoolander, popular fashion male model! No! Actually, I'm Aisare NoMon. I want you to bear with me. Because, I'm going to tell a little something about myself, but in third-person:


Aisare NoMon is a simple, mysterious, but loving mane (really "man"). He could draw before he could write his own name. Literally!?! And, off-and-on, been drawing, sketching, and coloring (medium: color pencils and eraser-pencils) from the old age of 5 to the young age of 40-Something. In his 20s and 30s, Aisare became heavily interested in computers and computer art. And, around the year 1998, began mixing his original artwork with the digital art effects his computer provided. There is much more that can be said about the lovely, talented, legendary, truly compassionate (none of that fake compassion), sweet, semi-courageous, and prosperous; Aisare NoMon. Using a line Ron Burgundy, from the movie ~Anchorman~, spoke: "But (really And), the rest, as they say is, when in Rome..."
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