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Laura James

Freelance Drawer & Fantasy Artist

Location:Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
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I have studied at Canberra College, completing a major-minor in the visual arts and a double major in English and received an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts and Crafts Design and The Institute of Technology (CIT).

I am willing to take on any challenge and am friendly and willing to work with any concept I am given. I have never missed a deadline and I am able to prioritise and work efficiently to get multiple projects completed by given dates.

My art often explores themes of shifting perspectives to a darker nature. I take the everyday innocent, and often beautiful, things of this world and twist them to become something sinister and often uncomfortable to look at. (Or so I've been told)

I am especially proficient in the art of drawing and genres of horror and fantasy and I like to push myself to learn new styles and skills. My visual diary work has been described by my CIT professors as 'prolific' because I like to work through my concepts with various mediums, styles and compositions to achieve the best results. I am also able to explain my ideas clearly to clients in order to receive proper feedback and constructive criticism, which allows me to work with others well.

When I talk about my art, I like to make reference to a saying I know, 'Nice is For Cupcakes'. In my art I take the nice things in life and I try to give them a darker edge or explore other portrayals to give the audience a different perspective. My art has been said to have a narrative quality and the concepts are usually taken from an observational point of view, taking inspiration from things that are around me and giving them a back story.

I like to use Artline pens, progresso, watercolour pencils, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0
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Fantasy Art