Jess Maki

Freelance Painter & Digital Artist

Location:Thousand Oaks, California, United States
2 Skills
Here is a link to Jess Maki's Online Art Portfolio:

Jess Maki is an artist of many mediums, including but not limited to Digital Art, Oil Paintings, Pencils, and Watercolors. She is highly skilled at replicating images in these various mediums, as well as coming up with thought-provoking and intriguing concepts within her own original work. She is able to create vibrant, colorful images, as well as simple, stark sketches, all while telling a story or capturing the emotion at hand. Her technique lies within Realist & Impressionist Oil Painting sprinkled with a dash of Western cartooning (Disney/Looney Tunes/etc) & Anime style. Jess is highly responsible, work quickly and work well within time frames.

Technical Skills
~ Adobe Photoshop
~ PaintToolSAI
~ Oil Painting
~ Acrylic Painting
~ Watercolors
~ Pen/Pencil/Charcoal

Favorite Kinds of Projects
~ Portraits
~ Character Creation
~ Logo Creation
~ Storyboard/Illustrations
~ Cover Artwork
~ Posters/Promotions/Marketing
Skills (2) Rating
Digital Art