Dominique Baptie

Freelance Photo Editor & Graphic Designer

Location:Durban/south coast, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
2 Skills
Key skills:
Photoshop. Page layout using InDesign. Photography. Copy
typing. Writing. Fact-finding. Excellent at working under pressure and to deadlines. Communicating. Meticulous. An eye for detail. Ambitious. Fast learner. Driven by imagination and creativity. Focused. Energetic. Fun.

Work experience:
I am currently employed by Caxton Publishers at the Mid South Coast Mail newspaper on the KZN South Coast, Scottburgh. I have been working full time for Caxton since 2005, starting off as an advertising sales representative in my first year. In 2006 I was moved into the editorial department under the job description as a junior reporter and photographer. English and Art have always been my passion and a new door opened for me in this regard after showing a keen interest in this department. In the following two years I found a new interest in graphics and design and took it upon myself to learn Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. After proving my ability in these programmes I was appointed to senior reporter/photographer and also page layout artist in 2009 under my Editor Dianne White.
In my spare time I have taken on freelance design and photography work for individuals and companies in and around the South Coast, creating business cards, posters, album covers, logos, menus, brochures and photo albums. I design all my work in photoshop but am fully capable and confident in learning any and all other design programs.
Prior to working at the Mid South Coast Mail I spent a year in Scotland and England working and
From 2003 - 2004 I attended the Durban Institute of Technology studying towards a Fine Art degree. Unfortunately I was unable to personally finance my studies beyond first year and also unable to acquire a student loan to continue.

I am looking to be employed in a creative and challenging industry and am willing to relocate.
I have acquired a multitude of all round skills working for 6 years with Caxton from sales and marketing to design, writing, photography, advertising and public relations. I love to create and express through creation and this is the direction I want to steer my career in. I am an ideas person and happiest when I am in my creative zone. I like to push boundaries with fresh angles and concepts. I am more than willing to take on and submit a project of some sort to show my ability and what I am about.

Personal Interests:
I am a huge sporting fan. I played numerous sports at Provincial and some national level. Currently I play hockey and I mountain bike. I am keen on studying and improving my photography skills. I love all forms of arts and crafts. I play bongo drums; music is a big part of my life. I love reading, writing, poetry and all nature. I love children too. People inspire me.

Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
ID: 8410310044089

Letter of reference. March 24, 2011
To whom it may concern

Dominique Baptie has worked at the Mid south Coast Mail newspaper for six years, starting as a sales representative in the advertising department.

During this time she showed enormous flair for layout, a vital part of newspaper production, so was moved to the editorial department. It proved to be an extremely good move, both for the newspaper and Dom (as she is called) bringing to the fore her brilliance in layout and design. She also revealed a talent for newsgathering and writing, with a distinctive style that has won her many readers.

During her period in the editorial department, this newspaper won the prestigious Caxton "Newspaper of the Year" Award. Dom was a member of the team that brought this newspaper to the excellence that is required of such an award.

Dom is a quiet and composed person, keeping her thoughts to herself when necessary. Never in the time she has worked at the Mail has she ever been involved in altercations with her fellow workers, and has never played "office politics" on any occasion.

Dom has the ability to work extremely hard for days and weeks at a time when necessary - an important point in the news industry where "working hours" are anytime, anywhere, at a moment's notice.

I have long felt that Dom is destined for greater things, and although it is extremely difficult to let her go, I do so with my very best wishes for her future career. I am convinced that she will tackle any future position with her whole heart.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Dom, and can be reached at 082-567-1274.

Yours faithfully
Dianne White
Editor: Mid south Coast Mail
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Photo Editing
Graphic Design