Tarik Ocon

Freelance Public Relation Freelancer & Podcasting Freelancer

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
Phone: 9705293879
Website: http://www.theopportunagroup.com
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I believe in the saying “You are, what you do and think about most of the time (Earl Nightingale).” I am an Entrepreneur, Socialpreneur, Marketer, ideaman! However, I also consider myself to be an artist & musician. When I wake up in the morning all I think about is how to bring creativity to life. My goal is bring creative marketing to business through podcasting and social media. I operate on a simple conclusion; success is in actively planning then pursuing actions with the right resources to reach missions & goals. I have created The Opportuna Group to find like-minded people whom have a story to tell and need a little help to tell it.
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Public Relations