Ingrid Hardy

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Fantasy Artist

Location:Bromont, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
I’m a full-time illustrator (and week-end author) who has worked since 1990 creating drawings, paintings and portraits of every kind (landscapes, animals, people, plants…). My main website has examples of all kinds, if you wish to take a look:… I also freelance for a monthly equine magazine, creating digital illustrations, based in Montreal, Quebec, as well numerous official sketch card sets (listed below), and several book covers.

I also do commissions, whether they be sketch card size or somewhat larger. I have had hundreds of clients over the past number of years… Perhaps it is best if that number of years was kept under wraps… :-)

My resumé including Trading Card companies and Publishers. By the way, I would be very pleased to answer any questions. This list is continually updated as new projects happen. :-)

New in 2012 –

Profession member of the Association of Illustrators of Québec (Illustration Québec – AIIQ)
Topps Entertainment Trading Cards:

Star Wars 30th Anniversary
Heroes Volume 1
Heroes Volume 2
Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II
Indiana Jones Heritage
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones Masterpieces
SW: The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary
SW: The Rise of the Bounty Hunters
Baseball Series I - 2009
Star Wars Clone Wars
Star Wars Galaxy 4
Star Wars Galaxy 5
Star Wars Galaxy 6
Star Wars Galaxy 7 – and one Base card: card #28 (printed original artwork)
Mars Attacks Heritage

Alien vs Predator: Requiem
Strictly Ink:

CSI: Miami
CSI: New York
The Art of Ray Harryhausen
Dr. Who Big Screen
Hammer Horror
Dr. Who Big Screen Additions – Mono Version
Sadlittles / Sketch Card Studio:

Legends and Lore
Essence of Fairyland – Basecard Artwork
Dreamers of Darkness – Basecard Artwork and 20 pack cards
Airship 27 Productions (Pulp Book Publishing):

Lucien: Dark God’s Homecoming written by Van Allen Plexico – Cover and interior illustrations
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - Cover Illustration
MYSTERY MEN (& Women) Vol One – Cover Illustration
Black Bat Mystery – Cover Illustration
iCardz Trading Cards:

America at War – Band of Brothers sketch cards
Breygent Marketing:

Woodstock Generation: Rock Poster Cards
Warlord of Mars
Versicolor Productions:

The Bettie Page Private Collection - Base Card illustration and 5 pack cards
Axebone Productions:

Treasure Chests and Booty – Base Card Illustration and 25 pack cards
Dungeon Dolls – Base Card Illustration and 25 pack cards
Cryptozoic Entertainment:

25 Liberty sketch cards
Walking Dead – 12 sketch cards total.
Walking Dead 2 – 20 total sketch cards
Perna Studios:

Classic Mythology
Skills (2) Rating
Animal Illustration
Fantasy Art