Freelance Animator & Comic Artist

Location:Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website: http://watie.deviantart.com/
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Full Name : Nursyafawati bt. Norhisham

e-mel : nebradius@live.com.my or

Web Site : http://watie.deviantart.com/

Date of Birth : 2 November 1985

Nationality : Malaysian

Career Objective :

To apply and make full use of knowledge, skills and creativity in the world of arts, and to learn and enhance many new things in animation/graphic design/comics/illustrations/photography and character development. I do wish to develop my skills and get experiences and learn new things in difference places and different peoples all over places where I could put my steps in my career.


1.Diploma of Animation, Multimedia and Design
LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LUCT)
2003 – 2006

2.Sijil Perperiksaan Malaysia and Penilaian Menegah Rendah
(Secondary/high school achievement)
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Indah
1998 – 2002

Working Experiences:

9 months of experience as 2D animator in Fat Lizard Animation Studio, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

1 year working as professional freelance cartoonist in Dewan Bahasa Pustaka (malaysia publisher), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1 year online freelancing work at home in designing logo, cover page of magazines and comics making for different clients from United State and Manchaster

Skills :

1. Photoshop
2. Illustrator
3. Premier Pro
4. Microsoft Word
5. Macromedia Flash
6. ToonBoom
7. Adobe After Effects
8. Paint
9. Magix player (same as sony sound forge)
10. Micromedia Flash MX/8
11. Camera SLR

Educational Involvement and Certificates:

1. Participation in the 3rd KL Karate Youth Development Program, 2002
Gained an experience in the fighting contest and ideas for my own comics

2. Chairman of School Karate Club, 2002
Certificate awarded as the chairman of Karate Club at Sek. Men. Keb. Seri Indah 2002
Quite active in the club

3. Educational Visits to the KL Glass manufacturers, 2001
Certificate awarded as an educational visitor to the KL Glass Manufacturers
Learn more on how glass bottles are manufactured/produced

4. The best student in Arts at Sek. Men. Keb. Seri Indah, 2001
Certificate awarded as the best student in Arts at Sek. Men. Keb. Seri Indah
Too excited in drawing that I was certified as one of the best student in arts

5. Participated in the writing contest on Book of New Invention
Won the 3rd place on writing a Book of New Invention at Sek. Men. Keb. Seri Indah, 2000
Created new invention literally and learned new stuffs

6. Chairman of the School’s Arts Club
Certificate awarded as the Chairman of Arts Club at Sek. Men. Keb. Seri Indah, 2001
Drawing and sketching is my passion and I gained a lot of supports on it

7. Cartoon Drawing Contest
Certificate of participation awarded in the cartoon drawing contest for all schools in Daerah Petaling
Had a chance of joining the contest; met new future cartoonists (young generations like me) and had a chance of meeting Datuk Lat

8. Participation in the Pertandingan Bakat Baru Malaysia, 2002
To test my drawing skills among the participants; more or less it was a big challenge

9. Participation and helping with the paintings of the school murals and school Banners in 2000-2002 (school community service)
Meeting and working together with other talented students of the same interests in arts and drawing at my school

10. The most active student in Gymrama from 1998-2002 (aerobic school sport competition between school house)
Actively involved in dancing and participated in the contest every year until I finished my secondary school
Appointed as the Vice President from 1998-2000
Appointed as the President from 2001-2002

11. LUCT Batik Campaign Week, 2004 (college community project)
Participated in the effort to promote Malaysian batik designs.

12. LUCT Road Safety Week, 2004 (college community project)
Created and designed the 15ft long banner to promote road safety.

13. LUCT Sci-Fi and Comic club 2004-2006
To gained more experience, to improve my drawing skills and meet with the experience lecturers and students who have been working on some magazines and animation companies.
Learning about the RPG boardgame
Learning about cosplay (costume play)
Trying out to sell our artworks/doujinshi

14. Participation in Asia Egames Event (community service in college)
Help out and organized cosplayers (costume play) for Egames Event.

Language Proficiency:


Something Special about Myself:

I am specialised in sketching, inking, comic drawing, designing and 2D animating (both ways, by hand and digital arts). I love creative imagination in many ways. I like new ideas, new styles and modifications. I really love and actively involved in sketching, comic making and other arts that catch my eyes. I like learning about any kind and style of new arts than what I have already achieve. I personally have created a large amount of stories and ideas. Aside of that, I am good at the sound and music, and I have a very good photography skills. Last but not least, I am trying to study and learn more in bussiness and arts combination and communication skills. I do love to learn new things in every aspects even if it isn’t an art base.
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