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Ashley Trent

Freelance Proofreader & Writer

Location:Westland, Michigan, United States
Phone: 734-306-3181
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I don't have much of a college education or job experience, due to unfortunate life events.

However, I am an extremely proficient typist, and if there is one thing I'm amazing at, it's proofreading. Grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, sentence fragments, incomplete thoughts, and run-on sentences are just a few of the things I have an eagle eye for.

I am also extremely creative in writing, having written tons of stories, essays, and poems. I have been published numerous times, and am a great blogger as well.

When I write, I manage to capture every detail and thought and translate it into readers can not only read, but feel. To that end I could collaborate with artists looking for a writer to bring their comic story idea together, for example.

In addition to writing and typing skills, I am great with Windows Office, OpenOffice, and Excel.

I am also a fantastic website designer. I'm extremely good at Photoshop, specializing in banners, logos, buttons, etc. I aim to please and I'm extremely personable, agreeable, flexible, and I am always available via cell phone or e-mail.
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