Sara Welsh

Freelance Article Writer & Travel Writer

Location:Centralia, Washington, United States
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Sara M. Welsh

To learn all aspects of writing and to then use those skills for the greater good and growth of the people I write for professionally and personally. I love and have spent the past year reading and studying literature and am aspiring to be an editor for novel writers as my final future career path, along with always writing myself on the side.

I am a people person and can interact and have conversation with anybody about anything. I have strong and outgoing personality. I can set and reach the goals. While working full-time I started a single issue newspaper all on my own. It was based on local business, farming and the music and arts in our community. I went out and got the advertising, collected and designed the paper as well as writing the majority of the articles myself. Currently I am a stringer for my local newspaper The Chronicle. I write for the life section and am writing articles on food, business, entertainment, gardening and agriculture, spirituality, as well as profiles and features. I am very good at approaching people and not afraid to hear the word no and not afraid to not accept the word no. I am incredibly ambitious and driven and am willing to learn any skills necessary to complete any task given. I ran my first marathon last summer, Rock’n’Roll Seattle. I find physical goal setting is as important as professional goal setting, finding personal mental strength gives growth to all aspects of a person’s life.
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