Kevin Bruny

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Location:Redlands, California, United States
Phone: 562 248 8206
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Communication is a lost art. Puzzle pieces fit, hearts melt, and people smile when the right words are used.

I am in love with culture: Art, Dance, Films, Comics-you name it. I believe everything has value and worth: from a Van Gogh painting down to frowned upon Graffiti art, because it is expressing something from ones perspective. I believe highly in the win-win motto.

People enjoy getting paid, right? Right!

How great is it to also help someone at the same time?
I feel free and alive when it comes to dancing. I've been bboying, (breakdancing) since I was 13. I hope soon to bring that and Capoeira to the Inland Empire. Married to a wonderful girl with a daughter who will have a little sister in February.
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