Paloma de la Cruz

Freelance Editor & Spanish Translator

Location:Englewood, New Jersey, United States
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As a U.S. citizen of Dominican origin, I am a native Spanish and English speaker, and thanks to my studies and professional experience in Lyon, I also have near-native fluency in French.

After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in English and French from the University of Texas at Austin, I moved to France, where I lived for four years. During that time, I acquired a Master’s degree in modern literature and business culture from Université Jean Moulin-Lyon 3. My college education gave me a broad knowledge of the English and French literary traditions. It also required that I conduct research both at undergraduate and graduate levels, allowing me to further develop my writing and analytical skills.

Along with my educational background, my professional experience includes teaching English and freelance editing and translating. For two years, I worked as an English lecturer for the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, a position that required much versatility. My responsibilities ranged from teaching English to undergraduate and graduate students to managing the institute’s language resource center as part of an international team. I was also in charge of event planning, inventory control, and educational resource management.

In addition to my work and studies, I remained actively involved in literary projects, editing and translating a testimony by a Burundian refugee (French to English) and co-translating a novel about the 1937 massacre of thousands of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic (Spanish to English, in progress). These projects, which included the preparation of book prospectuses, allowed me to put my language skills into practice.
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