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Corey Snow

Freelance Book Writer & Children's Book Writer

Location:Wellington, New Zealand
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Corey Snow
15B Mount Pleasant Road, Aro Valley, Wellington

Personal Profile

I have recently come out of studying at Victoria University where I studied first year Architecture and then second and third year Industrial Design. During my third year I found a passion for writing that led me into the creative writing world. I then found myself taking a huge interest in music and have decided to put my skill for writing and music together. In finding new opportunities I have decided to put my studies on hold and pursue my dream of living life with no regrets while the opportunities are here and now.

I am currently looking for full-time employment, as my part-time job is no longer enough to support me. I am very motivated to learn new skills or to build on the skills I can already provide. I will give my full commitment to my employer, as a full-time job is my starting step to begin my new journey.

Key Skills

Ability to think outside the box
· Throughout my design studies, I have learnt to view specific tasks from many different angles and possibilities. This allows me to act quickly on a problem and come up with different solutions.
· Genuine interest in how people can turn imagination into physical reality.
· Experience in both the design process and manufacturing process.

Ability to work successfully as a member of a team
· Teamwork is a key part of all me roles.
- Silverfern Farms gave me the opportunity to work under a 'high stress' environment, with every worker relying on one another and their skill to keep up with the work pace.
- My current role as Night Staff in a hotel allows me to show that I am responsible for recording important information and successfully passing the data to the Day Staff in an organised form.

Customer Service
· Trained to work in a hotel front office which included:
- Meeting and greeting guests
- Checking people in and out of the hotel
- Answering phone calls in the correct manner
- Working at the twenty-four hour bar
- Room servicing
- Putting a guests needs before all line of work

Reliable when put in manager’s position
· Experience in Night Manager/Auditing for Accor hotels.
· Experience in cash handling, opening and closing a store.
· Good understanding of the importance of time management and work organisation.

Employment Summary

FSB4 Financial Oct 10 – Dec 10
KiwiSaver Financial Adviser
For a short period I worked part-time selling KiwiSaver plans to the public without supervision. I was given weekly up-to-date training sessions which consisted of learning scripted sales techniques and a self-evaluation. This job only lasted a short while as it too demanding time wise and it could not work around the full-time job I had at the time.

Mercure Hotel Wellington May 09 – current
Night Porter
I am currently working part-time as the hotels Night Porter and on the odd occasion fill in as Night Auditor. The role consists mainly of cleaning the public and staff areas of the hotel. Throughout my shift I am on-call for bartending and room servicing. It is my job to ensure both the guests and the staff of the hotel are in a hygienic environment. In case of an emergency, I am then put in charge of the guest’s safety and must evacuate the guests in the hotel in a calm and safe manner.

Night Manager
Filling in as Night Manager/Auditor from time to time, I have gained experience in managing a hotel during the night shift. The Night Manager role consists of printing and filing daily reports, rolling over all computer systems for the next day and preparing reports for other managers to see. I have also been fully trained to work as front office receptionist that includes checking guests in and out of the hotel, answering phone calls, and dealing with any guest enquiries. I also have my General Managers Certificate that expires on 10th Feb 2014.

Silverfern Farms Nov 08 – Feb 09
Spinal Inspector
Working in the meat industry gave me a new view on how the food production works. It involved working as a team member while also being able to work on my own individual section. The job was all about working on my feet. With the chain moving at a constant speed, I had to inspect that all spinal cords were successfully removed while also communicating with other team members.

Hygiene played a key role, causing me to thoroughly be cleaning my uniform and exchanging work accessories.

United Video Hawera Dec 06 – Dec 07
Customer Service
This was my first independent role working with the public and getting a taste of business organisation. I was trained to work morning, day and evening shifts, being in charge of:
- Opening/Closing store
- Working and closing the till
- Keeping up-to-date with the stores inventory
- Greeting customers

Education Summary

Bachelor of Design Majoring Industrial Design
Victoria University, School of Architecture and Design Jan 08 – Present
Completion of Three years
Level 100, 200, 300 points achieved.

NZQA Qualification
Hawera High School Jan 03 – Dec 07
NCEA Level 3