Jacqui Davis

Freelance Illustrator & Digital Artist

Location:Liverpool, United Kingdom
Website: http://jacquidavisportfolio.blogspot.co.uk
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I was born in South Africa in 1990 but moved to the UK in 2000 - which was a blessing perhaps as the rainy days are a brilliant excuse to stay inside painting!

Growing up I was glued to the T.V every time an animated movie came on so I suppose you could say my greatest artistic influences were Milt Kahl, Glene Keane and Andreas Deja. I carried this love of cartoons over to my education where I studied BA(Hons) Animation at Staffordshire University. What I found out was that though I loved watching characters coming to life I enjoyed designing and illustrating them much more. The excitement of starting from scratch and creating a whole new world based on just a few words is what led me to pursue a career in illustration.

I started out on my artistic path with simple pencil and paper but around six years ago my Dad bought me my first tablet. Since then digital art and I haven't parted and nowadays most of my finished work tends to be created in Photoshop - I don't think I could live now without my precious undo button!
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