Randy Hanna

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

Location:Glenview, Illinois, United States
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I am a true spelling and grammar wiz. I think I would be perfect for this job. At the age of 5, I was reading newspaper. By the time I reached elementary school, I found myself in the classroom correcting my teacher because she spelled mayonnaise wrong on the board. Every time I read something, I look for gramatical errors and spelling mistakes. I guess I do it as a habit. I participated in school spelling bee's and won many of them. My teacher's called me a spelling wiz. They would all rely on me anytime they had a problem with spelling a word. They would even ask me when they're not sure where a comma should be placed in a sentence. I am great with catching run-on sentences and I'm also a remarkable editor. I also have a love for the books you publish. I have always told myself that I would land a job with a publishing company. I'm happy I noticed this site. Please pick me for the job. I promise you will be happy that you have chosen the right candidate.
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Graphic Design