David Cole

Freelance Programmer & Networking Freelancer

Location:San Francisco, California, United States
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David B. Cole
915 Mariana Court
Santa Cruz, California 95062
(831) 345-5368

OBJECTIVE I am ready to effectively utilize my extensive engineering background to help make a focused team successful.

EMPLOYMENT Self Employed
EXPERIENCE (2004 – Present)
• Technical Marketing – Contract work for product evaluation and testing
• Using VBA developed functional prototype for finding, tracking, and cost analysis of distressed properties. This is a disconnected application in a multi-user environment.
• Licensed California Real Estate Agent
• Developing Prototype POS tool for Mortgage Industry
• Contract Agent for providing home loans
• Developer for residential projects

Principal Technology Specialist (Sales Engineer), Microsoft Corporation, Mountain View, CA
(09/2001 – 01/2004)
• Facilitated early stage startup companies’ technical blending with Microsoft technology by:
o Performing a detailed technical review of partner’s existing technology and identifying a path for migration.
o Introducing, coordinating and facilitating technical meeting(s) between Headquarters and the startup company.

• Educated Headquarters technical teams to the abilities of various startups.
• Worked with various technical Headquarters teams to understand product direction and potential competitors.
• Educated Venture Capitalists on the evolving product direction for the various product teams.
• Enabled startups to leverage various Microsoft sales channels.

Principal Technology Specialist (Sales Engineer), Microsoft Corporation, Mountain View, CA
(05/2000 – 08/2001)
• Delivered 23 .NET design wins against goal of 12. Created .NET accelerator program which was used nationally across teams. Created and delivered .NET Briefings at the Microsoft Technology Center. Spoke at several industry events.
• Partnered with all e-Commerce teams’ Salespeople in Silicon Valley to provide technical expertise necessary to sell W2K and Microsoft servers into dot com companies. Sole technical expert for our local team that contributed over 12 million dollars, which was 139% of plan. Our team had the number 1 and number 3 top revenue Salespeople for the national e-Commerce team.
• Awarded Top Technical contributor for national team.

Development Lead, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
(01/1997 – 05/2000)
• Led a team in delivery of a prototype of document search and storage service. Prototype built with C#.
• Led a team and wrote part of the implementation for delivery of initial messaging service for the pre-release of the .NET framework in 10/99. Product built with C#.
• Adapted the NT-based Content Replication System server product for Site Server 3.0 to run on various implementations of UNIX. This was a soup-to-nuts effort, including: building and integrating source control to modifying security; threading; multi-byte; IPC; completion ports; registry; file system differences; changing protocols, etc. The product was shipped on time and greatly contributed to the stability of the NT-based product.
• Delivered networking components required for Site Analysis which shipped with Site Server 2.0

Group Development Manager, Netcarta Corporation, Scotts Valley, CA
(09/1995 – 01/1997) (Acquired by Microsoft in 01/1997)
• Responsible for development and delivery of all UNIX products. Shipped products on Solaris, IRIX, and HP-UX. I developed the majority of the code and was the release manager. We shipped three products on time in a four-month period.
• Managed development of all networking products for both Microsoft and UNIX platforms. All components delivered on time with a high degree of quality. Shipped eight products in eleven months.
• First developer hired. Instrumental in developing corporate culture for shipping quality products on time.

Group Development Manager, Worldtalk Corporation, Los Gatos, CA
(09/1993 – 09/1995) (Went public)
• Responsible for development and delivery of all Directory Services and Network Management products.
• Management responsibility for both development and QA teams.

Team Lead, Novell Corporation, San Jose, CA
(10/1991 – 09/1993)
• Led development of management products for the Multi-protocol router.
• Delivered a directory services hub prototype which allowed X.500 messages to flow back and forth across NDS.

Team Lead, Touch Communications, Campbell, CA
• Led development of network management and File Transfer products based on OSI protocols.

Senior Software Engineer, Wang Laboratories, Lowell, MA
(11/1983 – 11/1987)
• Delivered standards based Mail and File Transfer products.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, May, 1983
State University College of Arts and Science, Potsdam, NY

COMMUNITY Board Member for Community Soccer Board
(2004 – Present)
• Served on both Club and County boards
• President and founder for Non-profit Outreach Program for special needs children to play soccer in Santa Cruz County.
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