Vincent Lee

Freelance Illustrator & Animator

Location:Upland, California, United States
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Vincent Lee

20548 Divonne Drive
Walnut, CA 91789 Phone (909)979-4431
Fax (909)594-7689

[ 2005-2010 ] California State University Long Beach, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts-Illustration/Animation

[ 2011 ]
Los angeles, CA
Storyboard, a short film directed by Francisco Lorite.

[ 2011 ]
Dr. jekyll better than hyde
Beverly Hill, CA
Storyboard a thriller film directed by Stuart Paul.

[ 2011 ]
Long Beach, CA
Storyboard for Hypnotica, a theater show created by Karl Baumann and Hugh O'Gorman.

[ 2010 - present ]
Them Greeks
Long Beach, CA
Employ by Phillip Williams and Spyros Tsiounis as a visual development artist.

[ 2010 summer ]
Speedy Wheels
Chino, CA
Designer of 2011 Speedy Wheels catalog

[ 2010 summer ]
Free the Children
Fresno, CA
Produced a 30-seconds promotional video for Free the Children's annual orientation.

[ 2010 summer ]
Counting Sheeps
Long Beach, CA
Clean up and in-between animator for Aubry Mintz's independent project.

[2009 - present ]
Stop the Clock
Long Beach, CA
Self directed animation short film. Original work in concepts, characters, storyboard, animatic, and layout. Animation is currently in progress.

[2009 winter]
Fangz – Working Title
Irvine, CA
Storyboard for commercial director Brent Loefke on his independent feature.

[2009 winter]
Randy Mediawerek
Glendale, CA
Commission by Randy from RandyMediawerek to do two paintings for his Willow Wetland Preserve Promotional Video. one portrays a native tribe's daily routine, and the other one is the habitat of the Willow Wetland.

[2009 summer]
Sloppy Joe ep.2
Long Beach, CA
Work under the guidance of Aubry Mintz, CSULB animation professor. The project included animation clean up, light animation, and shadow effects.

[2009 spring]
Kalamazoo Cartoon Challenge
Kalamazoo, MI
KAFI Cartoon Challenge Four Day Competition. Collaborated with four other illustrators completing a 30-second watercolor PSA about innovative Education.

[2008 fall]
24 Hours Animation Contest
Long Beach, CA
A school animation contest hosted by Aubry Mintz. Animation project is called “24th Street”. Took first place, and will represent California State University of Long Beach for the Kalamazoo Animation Cartoon Challenge.
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