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Freelance Creative Writer & Song Writer

Location:Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
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I am very creative and imaginative, I enjoy anything and everything to do with entertainment, innovation and idea's - I love writing (script writing, songs, poetry, stories, articles, jingles, etc), scrapbooking, designing, fashion, music and photography.

I love nature and the universe - plants, animals, stars, space, the oceans - I love it all!
I would love to study zoology, biology and astrolog, but I also want to do music production, script writing photography, design,journalism and philosophy.
I also enjoy advertising and marketing, computers and psycology.
I also enjoy working with numbers and computers and with finances (calculating costs, etc).

I currently am learning to play the keyboard as well as the theory of music, next year I hope to enroll in ASE (the Academy of Sound Engineering), I am saving up so that I can take a short course in writing and in photography and one of my biggest goals is to learn to speak Spanish.
I would love to work for National Geographic as a feild journalist/photographer.
I am also an online member of PETA (they don't have a base in South Africa that I know of) and I have a blog 'footstepsforme' dedicated to the world and universe.

My main goals in life are:
*To make a real difference in the world
*To learn spanish
*To travel
*To work with animals and volunteer my time to deserving causes
*To live life in beauty and always keep my child spirit alive
*To learn to professionally cook (the cooking schools are too costly to apply)

I am a mix between being a dreamer - living with my head in the clouds - and being grounded. I am equally interested in facts and knowledge as I am in idea's and imagination, and I am as equally intelligent as I am creative.
I love learning new things and gaining knowledge, I want to know as much as I can, I want to be involved and make a difference and I want to make my life as meaningful, beautiful, magical, fun, exciting and 'me' as possible.

My hobbies are:
Pottery (I learned potter in primary school)
Playing Keyboard
Writing and Reading
Nautre (In primary school i used to take a nature class)
Cooking - if I could go to chef school it would be like a dream come true
*There are so many more but I wont name them all.*
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Creative Writing
Song Writing