John Hines II

Freelance Article Writer & Programmer

Location:Ashland, Ohio, United States
Phone: 419-606-6519
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July 2010 - Present

The Gorman-Rupp Co.

Development and management of .NET applications with SQL for Syteline ERP, TDCI BuyDesign Configurator products, and data acquisition for engineering and test lab testing stations. Support and development for Pacejet shipping system and integration with Syteline. Development of mobile applications to enable iOS mobile devices access to Syteline ERP data in the field.

September 2008 - June 2010

CenturyLink (formerly Sprint LTD, Embarq)

Project Manager/Analyst

Involved in management of various initiatives related to call center quality, workflow management, metrics reporting, and efficiency. Developed hybrid workflow management system called E-Traq in VB.NET which created working queues handling intake of order activity from the mainframes and tracking all agent activity. In addition this system provided Proactive Statusing of service orders as well as a fenced, sockets-based instant-messaging server/client and stealthy live-video monitoring of agent workstations by managers and coaches. The application is a system utilizing MS SQL Server as its backend. Original MySQL server was initially deployed, then a subsequent migration to MS SQL Server was performed when server-space was made available for E-Traq at a corporate SQL server farm in Kansas City, KS.

Conducted in-classroom training for agents and managers for various systems and initiatives.

Co-manager of outsourcing initiative between CenturyLink (then Embarq) and First Source of Bangalore, India.

Major Systems developed for Embarq/CenturyLink


E-Traq is a ticketing, tracking, and workflow management system developed in VB.NET utilizing MS SQL Server as its database backend to manage the flow and tracking of service order activity by call center agents in what was then known as Embarq. E-Traq includes several working queues which take in work from order activity generated on mainframes, making available for agents to pull and work. All work units are footprinted from intake to resolution for future reporting. In addition, user login/logout logs were used as an adjunct for WFM (Work-Force Management) personnel in monitoring agents in an Intraday function. Proactive Statusing enabled physical monitoring of a service order until physical completion by a technician. Call Tracker provided a means for issuing support tickets and tracking for DSL Implementation issues, coach-queue calls, and national Save Desk activities. Several external supporting applications were developed in C# to provide fenced instant messaging and file transfer, agent monitoring via live on-demand video via stealth, and time-studies.

The philosophy behind the development of E-Traq was the need for a single, unified platform for all intake, processing, and reporting of work throughout the enterprise.

Also developed various web interfaces to E-Traq’s data via ASP on the company’s intranet websites enabling users to interact with E-Traq without having the application or .NET framework installed on their workstations.

June 1, 2004 - September 2008

Embarq (formerly Sprint LTD)

Business Customer Representative, DSL Implementation Group (hired as an internal employee effective June 1, 2004)

Handling of Mid-to-Large business customer telecommunications needs especially related to DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services. Specialized order and support activities for the troubleshooting, implementation, and provisioning of DSL service for business customers. Provided support for billing, service order, directory, and provisioning for access lines, DSL, KEY trunks, PBX trunks, Centrex service, and dedicated DATA circuits for business customers.

October 2003 - June 1, 2004

Sprint LTD

Business Customer Representative Contractor, via Kelly Services (later hired on as an employee)

Handling of Mid-to-Large business customer telecommunications needs including access lines, telecommunications products, KEY trunks, PBX trunks, Centrex, and DATA circuit services in addition to billing and directory listing services.

June 2003 - September 2003

CallTech outsource center for Verizon Online

DSL technical support for Verizon Online DSL service. Supporting Verizon Communications DSL service for consumer customers.

1996 - 2003

United McGill Corporation

Network Administrator

Supported a nationwide company's computer and network infrastructure including activities such as software loadsets, imaging, updates, technical support, network support, installation, configuration, server administration, deployment, and backup. Was also lead-technician with a staff of technicians aiding in computer and network support.

Developed an email auto-responder in VB to give out-of-office response capability to the existing company email system which did not natively have that capability. This application enabled the user to use one of several preset auto-responses or create a customizable auto-response as well as seeing statistics indicating how many times email was polled and how many auto-responses were triggered.

October 1989 - November 1995

Medibill, Inc.

Programmer/Systems Analyst

Wrote and maintained software for a medical billing company. Provided support for other Programmer/Systems Analysts as well on teaming basis.

Developed graphical front-end applications to SQL database via Informix R4GL.

1987 – 1989

Lodi Community Hospital

Programmer/Human Resources Assistant

Assisted with management of Human Resources Department and PRN Nursing pools for the hospital.

Developed database management system for hospital employee records.


Davis Transcription

Medical transcriptionist. Transcribed physician-dictated Chart-Notes and History-and-Physical reports.


February 2010 - April 2010

Ohio Quest For Success under auspices of Walsh University

Full course study for Ohio real estate licensee program

1987 - 1989

Wooster Business College, Associate Degree

Programming/Systems Analysis

Major in computer Programming and Systems Analysis.

1981 - 1985

Mapleton High School, Diploma

High school



Database (syntactical and DBA): SQL (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle)
Operating systems: MS Windows 9x, XP, Vista, Linux, UNIX
IDE's: SharpDevelop, MS Visual Studio
Project Management
System and Situational Analysis

Effective interaction/communication with customers and clients

Web-to-SQL development
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