Marianne Lawrence

Freelance Proofreader & Data Entry Freelancer

Location:Kissimmee, Florida, United States
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I have been retired for several years and am now looking for work that will add to the household income. I am a retired federal employee who worked mainly as an accounting technician/data entry clerk. I am a skilled typist with a typing speed of at least 40 WPM and am working to increase it back to at least 60 WPM which is what it was when I retired. Most of my career was working for the U. S. Army at two different an accounting technician responsible for receiving financial documents, identifying accounting data elements, researching for matching obligations and entering the documents into the installation's financial records. These transactions averaged over 200 per day and needed to be recorded into the installation's data base, in some instances within three days of receipt, by month end for the monthly financial reports sent, after verification, to higher headquarters. I was involved in the verification process as well, making any necessary pen and ink corrections. When I worked for the Department of Transportation, U. S. Coast Guard I was a typist/ accounting technician responsible for combining reports received from the various Coast Guard units into one report for each appropriation. The combined report work papers were written in pencil and then typed up by me into the final hardcopy documents that were then submitted to the U. S. Treasury. These final reports had to be accurate. If any typing errors were made they had to be corrected.
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Data Entry