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Things about Me

1. Harry is the name but a lot of my friends call me Zen
2. Been living and wondering in this amazing world for 22 years, but most think it’s only for 18.
3. I like it when the Sun takes a peak rather than total darkness welcomes me
4. I have frenzy on freshly cut grass
5. I hate getting wet from the rain, but I love to listen on the rain drops
6. I’m a big fan of nature
7. Greatest asset? My eyes, lips and ears… they may not be attractive but they are of big help. I don’t look on, I look through. I don’t just speak, I advice. I don’t just lend my ears, I listen.
8. Music is my jumpstart
9. Reading is my passion
10. Painting is my pastime
11. I write on my right but I do staffs mostly with my left
12. If I’m interested to you, I barely talk rather I listen and look at you.
13. I always want to walk rather than riding some fancy car (even though I know how to drive)
14. Zodiac sign: Cancer, maybe that’s the reason why people seems to brand me “Mysterious Guy”
15. When I’m bored, I play with my pen either I write staffs or make some sketch ( so beware, coz you might be the one I’m sketching now)
16. I love to eat, eat and eat just anything.
17. I eat a lot yet still I’m not getting fat
18. I’m crazy over Mythology staffs
19. Whenever I’m at the mall and don’t have any idea on what to do, I follow someone (a stranger maybe) until I get exhausted
20. I’m weird in many ways
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