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Hey Everybody! My name is Dan and I have a BA in Writing/Journalism from Mount Union College (ever hear of it? of course not). Anyways, I have a lot of passion for writing and I can do all different types just for you! I am eager and ready to help out with all kinds of editorial, so don't hesitate to contact me.

I graduated from college this past May and moved to Orlando to start my career. Prior to graduating I completed an internship in Sydney, Australia, where I worked for a travel magazine. This internship taught me quite a lot and I got a good deal of writing published. I did every type of story, including travel features, music news, interviews, world news, and celebrity gossip. I know how to maintain a professional tone in my writing, but I can also write informally and keep the attention of the reader. The point I'm trying to make is that I can adapt to almost any style and I know I can produce the kind of content you're looking for.

Admittedly I'm kind of new to this website and the professional world, so I'm still working on building a portfolio of my work, but you will find it on here very soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog, which should be posted somewhere next to my picture over there. Be warned that you wont find the most "professional" content on there, but you'll be able to see that my spelling, sentence structure, and grammatical flow is very much intact. Are you beyond impressed with my qualifications?! No? Well I hope you're at least mildly impressed then.

Update: I'm still working on bringing you more content, but here are the links to some interviews I've done.



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