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The name Larkin means "free bird" and “messenger." Larkin has been an Intuitive, Medium and Channel of Spiritual Wisdom, Guidance & Healing, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters (ranging from Shaloin Masters to Christian Saints and Masters. The earthly denomination is irrelevant in the divine realm) and Loved Ones Passed all her life, even as a young child. Today she applies these gifts in very practical and down to earth ways. Through writing, teaching, coaching, hosting radio shows and being an inspirational speaker, Larkin enjoys empowering others by creating opportunities for them to see their power of choice as a creator in their own lives.

Larkin is trained in writing, speaking and editing. she has served as founder, writer, editor and publisher of several local and international publications for various causes, groups and non-profit organizations since the sixth grade. Her love of writing and passion for inspiring others to help themselves and make a difference in the world gives her passion and charisma. She thrives with an ongoing pursuit to improve and enhance communication with ourselves and others. Her purpose is about transformation out of suffering by providing opportunities to discover the keys of personal transformation and the courage to make those powerful choices. Larkin strives to reveal the simplicity of life's struggles so they become empowering instead of limiting. As a vehicle for this vision she founded My Powerful Choices in 2007.

Currently Larkin is writing several books and is a Law of Attraction Coach and Radio show hostess for intuitive readings, psychic topics, relationships, self development and The Law of Attraction For more information you may visit . To schedule Larkin as an Inspirational speaker please email at

Larkin Sell
Author, Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Hostess.
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