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Rob Stolt

Freelance Caricature Artist & Cartoonist

Location:Austin, Texas, United States
Phone: 5126299118
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I am a professional illustrator driven to learn from each new
challenge. My passion for drawing started at a very young age.
As a child my first inspiration was drawing cars. My interests
evolved into drawing from life. Plants, animals and finally
drawing people became my passion.

I was hooked! I would draw doodles from comics to anything that peaked
my interest. My love of drawing creatively has always been a positive part of who I am.
My family sensed this creativity and always made drawing books and tools available to
nurture my artistic endeavors. A lot of practice, persistence, luck and blessings helped me
to earn a Bachelor Of Arts degree which provided me the foundation and fundamentals
to succeed as an illustrator .

I have worked as a professional artist for many years now. You might see me at a festival,
party, or special event drawing caricatures .My clients include Billboard Magazine, the NBA,
and Coca Cola to name? a select few. I collaborated with star contestant Tony Vlachos on
the hit CBS T.V. show, “Survivor Cagayan”, drawing numerous social media art and marketing
campaign items on his journey to finally WINNING the million dollar prize!

I also work as a digital concept artist in the video game industry. In addition to creating
art assets for backgrounds and user interfaces, I Completed Character concept art for two
Sesame Street video game titles released by Nintendo on the Wii, DS, and PC platforms .

In addition to having lived and traveled from East to West across the
United States, I spent six years of my childhood in Japan and Germany.
I’ve drawn artistic inspiration in my travels studying the cultures and places
I have known. I constantly seek inspiration for future endeavors. I hope
to illustrate for you. Thank you for choosing my services !
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Caricature Art