Freelance Article Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills

Media Planet – Journalist
November 2010 – Present
• Experienced journalist contributing to focus reports on specific business or consumer topics: for example an event, an industry, a managerial niche or a popular consumer issue with leading national newspapers and business publications around the world (i.e. National Post, Toronto Star, USA Today, Wall Street Journal).

What Women Want – Assistant Director/Blog Contributor
November 2009 – Present
• Report a monthly video post and or written article analysis about a novel, movie or theatre play of choice; explain the importance of the story and how women can learn from the life lessons which are presented from the literary or media content for a following of 35,000 monthly readers
• Conduct celebrity interviews in a professional manner
• Contribute in a creative and administrative capacity when planning media related events

DJ Lissa Monet – Lyric Analyst
November 2009 – Present
• Analyze lyrics of popular music from around the world and report a personal opinion about the chosen song for a following of 15,000 monthly readers

Those Girls Are Wild – Lifestyle Contributor
September 2009 – September 2009
• Created a video diary entry for viewers about body image and self-esteem for a following of 50,000 monthly readers

Patent Online Fashion Magazine - Staff Writer
May 2009 – September 2009
• Researched and wrote articles about topics related to body image & self esteem, fashion & beauty and gave *** & relationship advice geared towards men and women between the ages of 16-25; for a following of 7,500 monthly readers
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Article Writing
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