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Megan Doman

Freelance Portrait Painter & Architectural Illustrator

Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Phone: 952.393.3240
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Artist Statement: Giving people the embodiment of what they cherish, capturing an image in one’s heart and bringing it to form, is the ambition of my work. If the image commands a touch to check it’s heartbeat than I am satisfied. Choosing the most precise utensils leaves no room for misinterpretation. A simple pencil, my favorite, is honest. The intended pressure and tilt of the stroke leaves a lead line of how I see and feel. Practicing my honesty, with the assistance of the wisest ear I know- Max, has revealed that many merely exist, paralyzed by fear to live in a state of present. Ciphering the moments of peacefulness within each of us, expels the obstacles that seek to bury us. With each piece I hope to divulge one’s hopes and wishes so that they may be empowered to make it a reality, as I have done for myself.

Bio:Granddaughter to an industrial designer, Megan inherited his artistic talent. Don Doman was an educated, creative, and diligent designer. At the height of his career he was a product designer for Raymond Loewy Associates in Chicago, design director for the Parker Pen company and eventually owning his own industrial design firm; Don Doman Associates inc. There he retained prestigious accounts with Parker Pen, Kohler, Pullman Standard Car co., Snap on Tool Co. and many others. His designs were detailed, innovative, and successful. His products were featured in museums and publications, winning many accolades including the Triennale di Milano for his T-ball Jotter that was a liquid lead pencil.

From an early age, Megan began following in her Grandfather’s footsteps. After her instructors noted her level of detailed drawings compared to her pre-school peers, Megan’s parents encouraged her interests. Sketching daily, logging a journal every night, singing in the school choir, and dance classes after school, Megan was involved in many forms of art. During middle school and high school she took every available art course, including painting, drawing, photography, pottery, fashion, and CAD. Formal training came from courses at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and her bachelor’s of Fine art degree in interior design from the College of Design of Iowa State University.

While attending ISU, Megan had the privilege of studying abroad in Rome, Italy. There her talent flourished under the influences of her European professors, the culture, and history.

Returning to Minnesota after graduation she pursued a career in her degree of design. However, the life of a designer proved not to serve as the right medium for her creativity. Through much deliberation and discovery she realized her purpose was in her first passion all along. Today, Megan is happily creating custom pieces from her home studio, in hopes not only fill her Grandfather’s shoes, but to out-grow them.