Freelance Illustrator & Book Illustrator

Location:San Francisco, California, United States
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My name is Nick Acosta. I am a freelance illustrator and artist living in San
Francisco. I am a published artist and hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in
Illustration from the Academy of Art University. I am trained in pre Vis
and production development for various products and projects. I have
worked for a variety of firms and clients on doing conceptual art, and
freelance illustrations in publishing and print media. I have strong
emphasis on vehicle and aircraft design. I am also a working freelance
comic book artist.

My key strengths include artistic vision
and ability to see the big picture, speed in producing storyboards,
architecture and environment layout, mechanical, ship and vehicle designs.
Most importantly I pride myself on an attention to detail. I have broad
experience with a number of clients over the past 6 years in a variety of
artistic media.

Let me demonstrate just a few examples of how my experience prepares me
for your position
• Excellent knowledge and experience in 2D applications I work
everyday in
Adobe Photoshop and illustrator as well as Corel Painter.
• Storyboarding for advertising, and short 3D movies
• Extensive knowledge of architecture, history and military to work
• Experience with the use of Maya, and other 3D modeling software.
• Understanding of cinematic editing and composition and the
structure of story.
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Book Illustration