Matteo Giordano III

Freelance Website Designer & Website Programmer

Location:Virtual, New York, United States
2 Skills
SandCrate brings together creative, artistic, entrepreneur and like-minded people to conceive, connect and create.

Our site is like a sandbox filled with raw ideas just waiting to become the next big thing. An idea by itself is nothing, but together with execution it can make a change in the world. Many times people have great ideas but lack the team and support to make their ideas a reality.

We have learned through past experiences that if you bring creative people together they will feed on each others' strengths and create solutions to opportunities.

When you join, you create an extensive profile that helps you search for other Creationistas and Strategic Partners to assemble a "perfect storm" team who will help you find the resources, talents and expertise that is needed to give your ideas a chance to become a financial success. is the tool and network that will give birth to a new breed of entrepreneurs where talented people from around the world will come together to break away from the corporate structure and create their own destiny.

We at SandCrate are looking for creative people and Strategic Partners to join our strong network of collaborators to create the "next big thing".