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Paul Thompson

Freelance Comic Artist, Sci Fi Artist, & More

Location:Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: +1 204 778 8937
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I am a comic book Illustrator from Sheffield, England, currently based out of Manitoba, Canada. In both my writing and illustration, I am inspired by many forms of science fiction, fact and real world technologies. As someone who enjoys creating fictional characters and worlds of my own, I have a strong interest in historical civilizations, and how their legends and beliefs have influenced present day humanity and story telling.

I’m an enthusiastic, hard worker capable of working quickly and to the deadline with style of drawing both interesting and highly detailed.


An Illustration graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, I have practiced in various fields of art and design, from tattoo art to the creation of graphic novels.

I worked with Indy company Saint James on a small web exclusive title, ‘Ex Occultus: Wakefield’s Journey’, and currently write and illustrate my own title, ‘Children of Terra’(not yet released). You can view sample pages and concept designs on my website.