Emile Venter

Freelance Database Designer & Database Programmer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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Professional Profile
Emile Venter

Hardware: IBM PC, IBM/RS6000, SUN, DEC VAX/Alpha, RAID Disks
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX, AIX, SunOS, Linux, VMS, CPR
Languages: Pro*C/C++/OCI, C/C++(Borland, GNU, VMS/TrueUnix64, AIX, SunOS),
Delphi, Fortran, Assembler, Scripting: DCL/awk/sed/korn
RDBMS: Oracle8/9i, PL/SQL, SQL92, SQL Developer 2000, SQL Navigator,
Interbase, Phoenix, Image
Networking: TCP/IP (Sockets), DECnet, DEC MessageQ, ODBC, SAMBA
Web: HTML, JavaScript/Jscript, PHP, OSCommerce
Methodology: OOA/OOD/OOP, Booch, Rational Rose, VSS, SCCS, CMS/MMS, Test
Other: SCADA-EMS, RTUs, Communication systems, Smallworld (GIS), MSProject,
MS-Office, Visio, Test Plans, ACAD, Photoshop, Gimp, Business
Plan Pro

Senior Software Engineer with 25 years of technical software and IT experience in the electrical utility, cellular communications and banking industry. Strong experience in Pro*C/C++, C++, PL/SQL in an Oracle/Unix/Windows NT environment including Object Oriented analysis, design, development, testing and faultfinding. Skills include over 8 years of Oracle RDBMS (OLTP/OLAP) and related components. Excellent verbal, written communication and project management skills.


Responsible for various aspects of the day-to-day running of the business. Duties included:
• Financial planning
• Production management
• Staff managent
• Client liason
• IT systems management
• Plant and machinery maintenance
• Machine design and commissioning
• Online Store Implementation and Customisation

KAMA CONSULTING INC. May 2002 – Nov 2004
Client: JP Morgan – Wilmington, Delaware- USA
Responsible for the development of Oracle9i Pro*C, PL/SQL and Unix scripting applications that
supported the bank’s card services financial reporting department. Duties included:
• Designed and developed various multithreaded Pro*C ETL applications
• Implemented PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers on Oracle9i
• Coded SunOS/AIX korn shell scripts to perform various tasks
• Wrote functional, test, implementation and user guide specifications
• Performed code reviews, configuration control and software testing using Test Director
• Collaborated with a 6-member software team
• Fault finding
Technologies: IBM/AIX, SUN/Solaris, Oracle 9i, SQL Navigator, PL/SQL, Pro*C/C++, C/C++,
awk/sed/korn, Test Director.

AST IT SOLUTIONS Jan 2000 – Apr 2002
Senior Software Engineer
Clients: Vodacom - South Africa, MTN - Nigeria, Cell C - South Africa
Responsible for the development of numerous Pro*C++, C++ and PL/SQL components, libraries,
modules and systems for cellular communications service and network providers. These
applications formed part of a fraud management system. Duties included:
• Participation in technical design and information gathering phases at three levels: Team
meetings, management and end user interviews. Requirements documented using MS
Project, Excel and Word
• Documented functional, design, test and user specifications of all developed applications
• Software development using object oriented C++
• Extensive use of static and dynamic embedded SQL in Pro*C/OCI, C++ applications
• Developed components to process wireless network switch call data files. Wireless
switch types included Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson, IS41 and TAP
• Implemented PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers on Oracle 8
• Wrote UNIX korn shell scripts to perform various tasks
• Used Windows software version control (Microsoft VSS) system
• Optimized applications using UNIX Atom and Intel’s VTune utilities
• Installed Oracle client and server software on NT and Linux
• Created databases as needed and populated via SQL*Loader or ETL tools
• Managed C/C++ multiple platform portability compilation/linker issues
Technologies: Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, ETL tools, Pro*C/OCI, C/C++(Borland, GNU), OOA,
OOD, OOP, VMS, NT, Unix (awk/korn), Linux, VSS, SAMBA, MS-Project

IST ENERGY Mar 1996 – Dec 1999
Senior Systems Engineer
Clients: Eskom - South Africa, NamPower – Namibia
Responsible for the design, development and project management of electrical utility related
systems and applications primarily using Unix, C++, Delphi, Oracle and PL/SQL. These projects
focused on electrical utility protection performance, Scada, enterprise data integration and GIS
systems. Technical contribution to these projects was at all levels: Project Manager, Project
Leader, Team Lead and developer. Team sizes varied from 1 to 5 individuals. All of the IST
Energy projects required analysis of business requirements, definition of functional
specifications, participation in technical design process, system design, quality assurance and
product maintenance. Project completion acceptance testing occurred in South Africa, Namibia
and the United Kingdom. All projects completed on time and within budget. Documentation and
project tools used: Excel, Word, MS Project, Visio, Rational Rose
A summary of duties include:
• Interfaced with client managers and DBA’s and other technical staff to determine functional
requirements and design specifications. This included holding meetings and workshops with
client end users. Used use-case techniques to define and document project scope
• Project Management duties included documentation, scheduling, financial, resource
planning, reporting, quality control, acceptance testing, commissioning and training
• Used Waterfall and V-Model lifecycle models to execute projects
• Oracle DBA duties: Created Oracle RDBMS instances, designed and implemented schemas,
configured replication subsystems, performance tuning, user management and defined
backup procedures
• Populated Oracle data schemas from external sources using Pro*C, PL/SQL and SQL*Loader
• Developed back-end and front-end software using OOA/OOD/OOP, C/C++, Pro*C/C++,
Fortran and Delphi
• 4GLs used: Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Uniface
• Developed Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers
• Extensive use of static and dynamic embedded SQL in Pro*C/C++ applications
• UNIX administration, management and development: Installed OS, third party products,
user accounts, storage, TCP/IP network configuration, RAID configuration, scripting (korn,
• Used UNIX Atom utility to optimize developed applications
• Software configuration control systems used: VSS, SCCS, CMS/MMS
Technologies: Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, SQL*Net, VAX/Alpha, VMS/Unix, DECnet, TCP/IP
(Sockets), RAID, OOA/OOD/OOP, C++, Pro*C, Delphi, Fortran, SQL*Plus, ETL Tools, awk/korn
scripts, DEC MessageQ, Uniface, SAMBA, SCCS/CMS/MMS, Visio, MS-Office, Windows95-NT, MSAccess, MS-Project

ESKOM Jun 1984 – Feb 1996
Senior Technologist
Company: Eskom - South Africa
Worked in the software section that commissioned and maintained the National Control Center's
SCADA/Energy Management computer systems. Duties included:
• Designed, developed and maintained various real-time applications using C, FORTRAN and
Assembler and ESCA/Westinghouse EMS system tools
• Extensive technical writing and interdepartmental liaison to determine functional
• Performed factory and site acceptance testing
• Motivated system modification and enhancement projects
• Project lead for various projects including the implementation of a new tele-control protocol
• Improved annual EMS system uptime from 96% to 99.97%
• Revised Eskom’s tele-control standard
• Developed a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) software emulator
• Specified and documented data acquisition system requirements for a new Energy
Management System (EMS)
• Represented Eskom and assisted in defining the tele-control requirements for a new
enhanced RTU
• Designed and implemented a real-time EMS interruptible load management system
Technologies: VMS, DECnet, CMS, C, Fortran, Assembler, SCADA-EMS, Full graphics system,
Remote Terminal Units, Communication systems
Graduate Diploma in Engineering (1994), University of the Witwatersrand (2 yr Post Graduate)
Higher National Diploma for Technicians (1984), Pretoria Technikon (4 yr)

C++ Brainbench – 02/2003
Past Memberships
Engineering Council of South Africa (Professional Technologist)
Computer Society of South Africa