Swati Chowdhry

Freelance Brochure Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2 Skills
I'm an Indian artist and graphic designer living in Melbourne, and can make paintings on custom order. I also have many paintings to sell, along with future exhibitions where I'm showcasing my work.

Stippling is the art form and waterproof ink is the medium I use to make my paintings. It represents art in a very unique and distinct way, expressed through dots and other textures, giving every dot an individual character and speaking aloud about my ideas.
My paintings are very unique and have a very deep look. I can make anything ranging from portraits, spiritual, religious paintings to architecture, landscape etc, in black and white or color. I have had exhibitions of my art works in Dubai and New Delhi and have worked on custom basis according to the want of the buyer.

I have worked for a year as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer,this included Print-Ads for magazines, newspaper,designing the magazine cover page pamphlets,brochures and format designing for a travel company and I have also free-lanced for 1 month ( 2years) as a free-lance Graphic Designer which covered designing banners, posters, newspaper ads, golf score cards for an Old Students School Association in New Delhi