Deanna Eldred

Freelance Graphic Designer & Print Ad Designer

Location:Beaumont, Texas, United States
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I am an artist, but I draw better with a mouse or my finger than with pen and paper. I have been drawing since before I could remember. In 1995, I learned hand drafting then how to be a technician using AutoCAD. By 1996, I was a professional drafter. I then attended the University of Houston Architectural program for two years from 1997-1999. At which time I changed to interior design, so that I could focus on fabric and furniture design. In the process of my change of major I took graphic design courses and fell in love with them. I have minors in art history, graphic arts, fabric arts, and English between my two bachelor’s degrees. I gained an even deeper understanding of people and understanding client needs in my interior design practice. I worked freelance as a graphic designer for a few years, just creating a logo or signage as needed to make extra money. In 2010, I had the opportunity to become a full-time professional graphic designer for Cathedral in the Pines. Staying relevant, cutting edge, and creative is the most important part of any artist position like graphic and interior design.
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Graphic Design
Print Ad Design